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DAC-Weekly-Prop-Chair by stplmstr DAC-Weekly-Prop-Chair :iconstplmstr:stplmstr 83 33
Pony POV Series: Forgotten Pink Ponies
Pony POV Series
Forgotten Pink Ponies
Discarded Props
By Alex Warlorn
That . . . wasn't fun . . .  
That wasn't fun at all . . .
Rainbow Crash lied, there weren't any balloon animals . . .
That hurt . . .
Where was I?
Where was the rest of me?
Uuuuuugh. It's super cold. Maybe there are some sunny . . . skies? . . . Why is the sky so black? What's this not day? It's like the inside of the cave . . . where . . . where I was born . . . and all my sisters were born . . . where I came from . . . from . . . from  . . . first Pinkie Pie . . .. that's called a . . . a mommy right? I think, I don't think anypony ever told me...
Uuuuugh. I don't feel so good . . . like I was blown up too much and popped and then sucked into a vacuum. Then . . . a really BIIIIG nothing . . . I mean, bigger than a really large cake . . .
I sit up, the ground isn't nice at all, it's all like black ice cream, really cold, what does it taste like? BLECH! It taste like tar and rocks! Blech! Blech!
I shake my
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 19 104
Perfection Manifest - Poem
I love you simply
And without reservation
Without ceremony or use of trickery
Without the need for further contemplation
I saw you
I memorized you
And now wish to accept you as you are
You may change but I will not
You are ever fixed inside my heart
Without you there is no me
And without me this is no you
For no one sees you as I see
Or could ever love you as I do
The eye beholds but every truth is distorted by perspective
And from where I stand
Things just look so grand
Because of the person whom I have met
Stop telling me it wont work
And stop bringing up your past
Cease insisting that I have more worth
Nothing you could say would convince me of that
I don't care where you are from
And I don't care what you have done
'Cause no matter saint or sinner
You are the only one I want...
And if you think I'm too good for you
Then surely we are doubly blessed
Because much more than being too good for me
I think you are perfection manifest
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 15 9
Doubly Solarised Abstract Expressionism by aegiandyad Doubly Solarised Abstract Expressionism :iconaegiandyad:aegiandyad 6 0 DAC-Weekly-Opposites by stplmstr DAC-Weekly-Opposites :iconstplmstr:stplmstr 21 2 The Living In The Elephant Room by aegiandyad The Living In The Elephant Room :iconaegiandyad:aegiandyad 6 1 Solarised Leaf Extravaganza by aegiandyad Solarised Leaf Extravaganza :iconaegiandyad:aegiandyad 12 1 Not Just Blue, It's...Cerulean by aegiandyad Not Just Blue, It's...Cerulean :iconaegiandyad:aegiandyad 7 2 Empires Of The Sun by aegiandyad Empires Of The Sun :iconaegiandyad:aegiandyad 10 0 B-Side by KatyLouise B-Side :iconkatylouise:KatyLouise 6 2 Stare Into The Brightness Deep by aegiandyad Stare Into The Brightness Deep :iconaegiandyad:aegiandyad 7 0 Fountain In A Forest Of Steel by aegiandyad Fountain In A Forest Of Steel :iconaegiandyad:aegiandyad 7 0 Kew Fountain Bowl Abstract by aegiandyad Kew Fountain Bowl Abstract :iconaegiandyad:aegiandyad 6 0 The Moss Man Prophecies by aegiandyad The Moss Man Prophecies :iconaegiandyad:aegiandyad 8 0 Hail Eris, All Hail Discordia by aegiandyad Hail Eris, All Hail Discordia :iconaegiandyad:aegiandyad 6 0 Fire Sprite Dance by aegiandyad Fire Sprite Dance :iconaegiandyad:aegiandyad 5 0 Fruiting Berberis Cage by aegiandyad Fruiting Berberis Cage :iconaegiandyad:aegiandyad 4 1 Cyclone Joker Xtreme by N-Daguva-Zeba Cyclone Joker Xtreme :iconn-daguva-zeba:N-Daguva-Zeba 4 0 Come And Get It by aegiandyad Come And Get It :iconaegiandyad:aegiandyad 4 3 Icon For Me by HannahRenae Icon For Me :iconhannahrenae:HannahRenae 2 0