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Eastern and Western by SabrielDragonkin Eastern and Western :iconsabrieldragonkin:SabrielDragonkin 181 30 who da bby daddy by Magicpills who da bby daddy :iconmagicpills:Magicpills 129 58 Donovan X Demitri by Adrean-BC Donovan X Demitri :iconadrean-bc:Adrean-BC 199 74 Stargazer by donavanneil Stargazer :icondonavanneil:donavanneil 122 14 Lei Lei by by Gabriel-Joker Lei Lei by :icongabriel-joker:Gabriel-Joker 176 11 Twilight: Adoro al lobo I by Mausi-Chan Twilight: Adoro al lobo I :iconmausi-chan:Mausi-Chan 52 52 Gnome hat thingyyy by Magicpills Gnome hat thingyyy :iconmagicpills:Magicpills 43 19 Aedan App 2018 (updated) by NiaWolf15 Aedan App 2018 (updated) :iconniawolf15:NiaWolf15 33 64 Clyde Donavan [SP] by Gilouw Clyde Donavan [SP] :icongilouw:Gilouw 14 2 Gameoverse: Cat Girl by YoshiUnity Gameoverse: Cat Girl :iconyoshiunity:YoshiUnity 35 9 Donavan + Candy - Turmoil by BlushBunnyC3 Donavan + Candy - Turmoil :iconblushbunnyc3:BlushBunnyC3 41 5 The Vampire Diaries by greciiagzz The Vampire Diaries :icongreciiagzz:greciiagzz 10 2 Justin + Donavan Torra by BlushBunnyC3 Justin + Donavan Torra :iconblushbunnyc3:BlushBunnyC3 12 10 The Doubt team by Ostara-Frost The Doubt team :iconostara-frost:Ostara-Frost 20 9 Donavan by Mitch-Kun Donavan :iconmitch-kun:Mitch-Kun 16 0 Sibling Rivalry at its Finest by theperiloustriumph Sibling Rivalry at its Finest :icontheperiloustriumph:theperiloustriumph 9 2 Kasumi, Ryu and the others are under arrest by MichaelJordy Kasumi, Ryu and the others are under arrest :iconmichaeljordy:MichaelJordy 9 12
Video Games Pt. 2
"Wow, I can't believe we're actually gonna stay here all night!"
Edward Nygma grinned. "Yep! This is going to be great, Heckie! And look," he dug around in the fluorescent green backpack he'd brought with him, "we won't go hungry! I brought gummy worms!" Hector Donavan clapped his hands and bounced up and down happily. "Yay!"
Eddie's grin widened and he impulsively hugged the boy before ripping open the bag of candy and handing a gummy worm to Hector. Shoving the treat into his mouth, the boy sighed contentedly and sat down on the curb. Eddie sat as well, wrapping an arm around Hector's shoulders. The boy looked ahead of them, smile faltering slightly. "There sure are a lot of people here…" he murmured uneasily. "Maybe we should've left earlier…" Eddie squeezed his shoulder and gave him another gummy worm.
"Don't worry, it'll be morning before you know it and the line will go fast!" Hector nodded, smile growing again. "You're right!" Eddie grinned back, rummagin
:icontheorangecrow:theorangecrow 7 5
Donavan by SilverSkittle Donavan :iconsilverskittle:SilverSkittle 71 18 A Shocking Greeting by HappyEvil101 A Shocking Greeting :iconhappyevil101:HappyEvil101 5 3 Dump O' Sketches 27 by JaDisArt Dump O' Sketches 27 :iconjadisart:JaDisArt 7 0