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Chimera Synbiogen by BJPentecost Chimera Synbiogen :iconbjpentecost:BJPentecost 1,518 516 Arger's DNA mixer meme blank by arger Arger's DNA mixer meme blank :iconarger:arger 3,740 312 Vega Hologram--Poses by DNA-1 Vega Hologram--Poses :icondna-1:DNA-1 839 38 Omnimon by WEREsandrock Omnimon :iconweresandrock:WEREsandrock 453 87 Tree of Life by EranFowler Tree of Life :iconeranfowler:EranFowler 524 64 The Fabric of Life by ReneCampbellArt The Fabric of Life :iconrenecampbellart:ReneCampbellArt 734 54 FEAR by Rhyn-Art FEAR :iconrhyn-art:Rhyn-Art 2,765 508 Digimon : Panzer Wolfmon by WEREsandrock Digimon : Panzer Wolfmon :iconweresandrock:WEREsandrock 650 70 Cloning facility by adamkuczek Cloning facility :iconadamkuczek:adamkuczek 502 9 The Gears of Life by EranFowler The Gears of Life :iconeranfowler:EranFowler 531 28 Fractal DNA by psion005 Fractal DNA :iconpsion005:psion005 426 103 My Son is a Changeling - fanart by Droll3 My Son is a Changeling - fanart :icondroll3:Droll3 455 89 Specimen 47 Stalker-Hybrid by rob-powell Specimen 47 Stalker-Hybrid :iconrob-powell:rob-powell 521 27 Vega Conflict Hologram by DNA-1 Vega Conflict Hologram :icondna-1:DNA-1 480 21 The Ultimate Pet by chalicothere The Ultimate Pet :iconchalicothere:chalicothere 577 193 Argers genetic lab meme blank by arger Argers genetic lab meme blank :iconarger:arger 919 133 DNA of a Rainbow by DivineError DNA of a Rainbow :icondivineerror:DivineError 472 102 Deoxyribose by C-91 Deoxyribose :iconc-91:C-91 1,033 112 DNA by black-3G-raven DNA :iconblack-3g-raven:black-3G-raven 1,771 96 Between Worlds by vimark Between Worlds :iconvimark:vimark 487 107 Battle Pirates--Greta by DNA-1 Battle Pirates--Greta :icondna-1:DNA-1 675 49
The DNA Age Tracker
“Hey, Blaze!  Come here for a moment.”
Cyrus called the red wolf anthro into his lab.  Blaze, eager to help, took his invitation.
“What is it, Cyrus?  Got a new invention?”
“As a matter of fact, I do.  And I’d like YOU to test it for me.”
“Really?  Cool!  What is it?”
“Wait here.”
Cyrus left the room, and moments later came back with a gray metal band in his hand.  The band had a black screen on its surface, and underneath the screen were three very small circular buttons.
“This,” he said, “is the DNA Age Tracker.  You attach it to your right arm, and it connects to your DNA.  By doing so, it can tell your exact age.”
“Here.  Put it on.”
Blaze held out his right arm, and Cyrus clamped the band on it.  Blaze felt something small stab into his arm, then green words and numbers ca
:iconjm-ar-patd:JM-AR-PATD 74 398
Duel of Dark Hybrid Clones by Master-Cyrus Duel of Dark Hybrid Clones :iconmaster-cyrus:Master-Cyrus 297 42 Wolf's play by Kyovan Wolf's play :iconkyovan:Kyovan 1,650 147 Forever Lost by bosniak Forever Lost :iconbosniak:bosniak 6,041 1,016 Ex luce mutatio by Atra-Virago Ex luce mutatio :iconatra-virago:Atra-Virago 1,553 140 The Epiphany of Sophia by Adam-Scott-Miller The Epiphany of Sophia :iconadam-scott-miller:Adam-Scott-Miller 487 58 Mewtwo Tribal COMMISSION by Canyx Mewtwo Tribal COMMISSION :iconcanyx:Canyx 784 53 God Creates Dinosaurs... by JMKohrs God Creates Dinosaurs... :iconjmkohrs:JMKohrs 1,717 196 DISTRICT 9 ARC GUN-6 by punkandroll DISTRICT 9 ARC GUN-6 :iconpunkandroll:punkandroll 201 38 Chemistry by finner Chemistry :iconfinner:finner 731 134 Thermodynamic Horizon by Adam-Scott-Miller Thermodynamic Horizon :iconadam-scott-miller:Adam-Scott-Miller 998 165 WarGreymon X by WEREsandrock WarGreymon X :iconweresandrock:WEREsandrock 216 40 Discord Glow Wallpaper by Chaotic-Rarity Discord Glow Wallpaper :iconchaotic-rarity:Chaotic-Rarity 263 27 Ant drone Splicer by Onikaizer Ant drone Splicer :icononikaizer:Onikaizer 403 19 Neon DNA by Dynamicz34 Neon DNA :icondynamicz34:Dynamicz34 955 20 Scarlet Spiders #1 Cover by DNA-1 Scarlet Spiders #1 Cover :icondna-1:DNA-1 1,010 98 Metaphysical Awakening by gautamnair Metaphysical Awakening :icongautamnair:gautamnair 349 153 lighthouse DNA by bosniak lighthouse DNA :iconbosniak:bosniak 1,286 542
Ozzy and Thrax: Impasse
"Yo-You-You're- Dead..." Thrax was right in front of him, unless he was hallucinating, which was very unlikely. Ozzy dropped his gun, the shock of seeing Thrax stunned him, This is impossible! He couldn't have survived the alcohol!
Thrax rushed at Ozzy as soon as he had dropped the gun, gripping his throat with his right hand and slamming him against the wall, Ozzy's feet were no longer touching the ground. "Bad move, Jones. You should have shot me when you had the chance." He smiled as he squeezed tighter on Ozzy's throat, laughing darkly at the white blood cell who was now squirming harder to get out of his grip.
Why is he here?! Ozzy didn't know the reason behind Thrax's appearance here, why would he be going through evidence? He tried to pry Thrax's claws off of his throat, but it was useless, his grip was too strong. He realized what Thrax had come here for, "C-Ch-Chain!" Ozzy managed to wheeze out.
The virus had been so overwhelmed by the need to kill Ozzy, that he forgot about t
:iconevilcopepod:EvilCopepod 67 8
Deoxys Normal Forme by Xous54 Deoxys Normal Forme :iconxous54:Xous54 485 19 Music is Life by AzureMosquito Music is Life :iconazuremosquito:AzureMosquito 402 76 Jurassic Jeep 18z by Boomerjinks Jurassic Jeep 18z :iconboomerjinks:Boomerjinks 196 33 zBIOLLANTE keyshot 1 by dopepope zBIOLLANTE keyshot 1 :icondopepope:dopepope 233 37 DEADPOOL Annual #2 Cover by DNA-1 DEADPOOL Annual #2 Cover :icondna-1:DNA-1 1,077 104 War Commander--Defense Turrets LVL6 by DNA-1 War Commander--Defense Turrets LVL6 :icondna-1:DNA-1 171 8 DNA Mismatch by cronobreaker DNA Mismatch :iconcronobreaker:cronobreaker 472 68 MARDUK - ANUNNAKI KING - Clash of Gods by The-Last-Phantom MARDUK - ANUNNAKI KING - Clash of Gods :iconthe-last-phantom:The-Last-Phantom 400 448 APM Tutorial--Steampunk by DNA-1 APM Tutorial--Steampunk :icondna-1:DNA-1 1,368 65