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What is Autism?
"Ella no puede hablar," says the cafeteria worker. She can't talk. This is false, but the young woman has learned to point to what she wants, instead of repeating herself over and over, uselessly ejecting quiet words again and again from her sparrowlike body. Her food is always the same: pink yogurt. Fruit crepe, strawberries, banana. A muffin, if she's hungry after that.She sits down and rocks stiffly, her back hitting the soft padded booth behind her. Wham. Wham. Wham. She sits in the same enclosed corner every time; the same seat, if possible. She wears thick headphones with the song of the day on repeat. Wham. Wham. Wham.She has heard snickers and smirks. She does not look at those people, or dignify them with a response. She just keeps eating. Wham. Wham. Wham.
What impressions might you have of this person?
I'm guessing that most laypeople and psychologists would label her with "severe autism." They'd say she's obsessive, with mindless rituals and routines, that she's
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A Brother's Complex [Levi x M!Reader]
 ATTENTION: The reader will have a preselected feature of being a young, adopted male, a (no blood relation) brother to Levi. Of course, any gender can read this. The genre will be boys love, love between the reader (as a boy) and Levi. It will be an incestuous relationship between Levi and reader, so if you have some sort of trauma relating to this, please either LEAVE or read at your own risk. 

Recommended Age: 16+



"Levi..." You blushed, trying to push the strong and dominant man away from you. "S-Stop... that.." 

"Why?" He asked, in a deep and husky voice that cooed itself gently against the door of your eardrum. You could feel your cheeks heat up more and more as he brought your small stature closer to his chest in a seated position on the couch. You f
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Aromantic Pride (F2U) by my-world-is-split Aromantic Pride (F2U) :iconmy-world-is-split:my-world-is-split 85 13 Stand Up, Be Counted by a2designs Stand Up, Be Counted :icona2designs:a2designs 729 264 Diversity Should Not Be Forced by MadKingFroggy Diversity Should Not Be Forced :iconmadkingfroggy:MadKingFroggy 357 176
Diverse Futurisms and Fantasies

Three things inspired this feature:
This detailed Twitter thread about representing Black people's hair in art and literature.
A conversation with a friend about how it's hard to find minority representation in DA's galleries.
The latest annual Game of Genres writing contest, where one of the genre choices was non-Western futuristic. (Hm, who suggested that? Definitely not me. :shifty:)I off-handedly remarked that I should feature some non-white portraits, and that quickly turned into "yes, let's do this." So here's a collection pulled from my favourites, showcasing faces from around the world and speculative imagery of all kinds: futuristic, fantastic, sci-fi-tic, and more. Enjoy!
Digital Art

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Homosexual Pride2 (f2u) by my-world-is-split Homosexual Pride2 (f2u) :iconmy-world-is-split:my-world-is-split 200 3 GOTHITELLE variations by Kurigaru GOTHITELLE variations :iconkurigaru:Kurigaru 330 27 A Miraculous Place by HourglassHero A Miraculous Place :iconhourglasshero:HourglassHero 375 138 Vector Rising by RODCOM1000 Vector Rising :iconrodcom1000:RODCOM1000 130 59