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ending seas and walls.
[35°00' N, 105°00' E]
the red words we speak is what fills our flag and festivals and legends;
the tongue that is stained with the blood shed centuries ago in war.
[30°00'N, 70°00'E]
The place to call our home wavered like a dream
when wars for independence pushed us far into the night.
Dawn broke as the Two Nation Theory rose to lead from
the ashes of untold miseries to the birth of a new nation.
[35°00' N, 105°00' E]
our history is riddled with mistakes and violence and roads great leaders paved for us to continue.
this empire has been built on ancient glory and crowned with footsteps leading to the circular heavens.
[30°00'N, 70°00'E]
Among our belief contradictions and cultural diversities,
let us not be a harbor for hatred anymore.
For divided we are falling, falling some more
when our faith preaches; there's just one thing worth fighting for.
[35°00' N, 105°00' E]
we had fought for peace and lied for truth but age has taught us we
:iconmehreenfreed:MehreenFreed 7 11
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