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Poem - Grasp of Unity
Grasp of Unity
I saw myself on the screen
in the book and through the play
with validation I implore
as I’m judged beyond the fold
this revelation by a spotlight
shined upon the duplicates
near enough to speak my mind
imitator of disparity
affirmation in public view
this is permission for the whole
to avow my place to live
in the group from which I’m estranged
echoes of the hidden lives
sanctioned for all to see
blessing from disclosure’s path
of what was once sadly veiled
affirmation of what I am
what I already knew
is measured by the display
acceptance by the media
broadcast for full regard
the lack is seen at the same time
one or another seems the reward
for culture’s grasp of unity.
© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180527.
:icongreensh:greensh 0 0
Are they similar? by LInconnu24 Are they similar? :iconlinconnu24:LInconnu24 0 0
I am
I am creative and sensitive.
I wonder why I put myself these situations.
I hear the screaming of someone who I want to be.
I write stupid love poems that never last.
I read books meant for kids that always make me smile.
I want to not have my hertbroken.
I love everyone but myself.
I am creative and sensitive.
I pretend that I can stop time.
I feel helpless all the time.
I am moved when I say enough is enough.
I worry that I won't get far.
I can't wait to not fall.
I cry almost everyday.
I am creative and sensitive.
I understand that no one is perfect.
I dream of better days and brighter skies.
I hope that all those people who thought I forgot will find happiness.
I think that I'm one step below invincible.
I am creative and sensitive.
:iconsesshomaritaisho:SesshomariTaisho 0 1
Sports commish by readingbunny4 Sports commish :iconreadingbunny4:readingbunny4 5 0
Poem - We Could
We Could
You could be the black one, the white one,
the red, brown or mauve one.
It doesn’t matter which one to me,
our skin is not the beauty made.
We could be the sky's rainbow,
passions shared from colors' spread.
You could be my bestest bud,
the one I truly long to kiss.
Hands to roam, mouths to press,
flesh to press in resonance.
We could be close enough to touch,
to make love, to lose ourselves again.
You could be my girl-boy-friend,
it really doesn't matter which.
Never mind the gender here,
Cupid's arrows persevere.
We could open bare our souls
as these lips meet in sweet embrace.
You could strive to be yourself,
this is what I want the most.
A little this, a little that,
a treasure found is my reward.
We could be whatever comes
of love's expression in the world.
© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160220.
:icongreensh:greensh 1 0