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Shattered Realities - Ch.2 - Page 17 by Ink-Mug Shattered Realities - Ch.2 - Page 17 :iconink-mug:Ink-Mug 256 104
A Discussion On Backgrounds In Paintings

Traditional Art Week

        Background is called the matrix of a painting. Something that holds the foreground or main subject to our focus. Even though, we often neglect this stepping stone. And this element should be discussed separately because this the principle step that even comes before the composition sometimes. If you have nothing to hold it, what fate becomes of your precious creation?
        Before we analyze the elements of a background, we must understand what is background actually.
Background is not a solid object or patch of colour which you must put behind your painting to support it. No. Background is the space that surrounds your painting. It is the only way with which your painting relates to the surrounding at the very first place. It is where your sight is tricked into distance.
While we are talking about backgrounds, we should in
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A Brief Discussion On Limited Palette
A Brief Discussion On Limited Palette
            We all know that temptation when we see a pretty new colour in the art-shop, or the urge to create a mesmerizing colourful artwork while planning a painting. We then use our favourite colour(s) in full force - by means of as much as we want - and we often have more than one favourite colour....
Aftermath: A muddy or unreal canvas! Colours do not look right and did not turn out exactly as it was in our mind - not even close and harmony is far away! It turned into a visual cacophony!
            What might get wrong? A lot of things! But specially all those pretty colours you put at will!
It is not bad to paint with many colours - many big artists paint with more than 70 colours on their palette. Even we do not finish a painting in less than 10 colours - right? The difference is that the famous or big artists have mastered
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A Brief Discussion About Tonal Contrast
Traditional Art Week
        In last Traditional Week, we talked about the elements which if you ignore can destroy your painting and all your hardwork.
What Ruins A Painting?
       Contrast and Values were one main element that either can make your works fruitful or ruin it. It needs to be discussed more broadly as a lot of new artists have trouble to establish a good tonal contrast. Result? Despite their brilliant artistic skills, the picture does not pop up! It looks dull, muted. That is not the fault of the drawing or skills, it's the lack of observation and understanding lights.
       Contrast is the difference between two values which helps you to di
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A Walkthrough in Monochrome Paintings
Traditional Art Week
DISCLAIMER: The following article is a discussion on the characteristics of monochrome paintings. While discussing, I will go through a procedure of a monochrome painting. So you are free to take tips, tricks and ideas from the procedure if you like, but the article will not be considered as a tutorial or a teaching material.
Monochrome paintings are considered to be the avant-grade paintings. It is indeed hard- to establish all the values with a single colour. But moreover, what makes it so special? What makes it top class ? 
Because working with monochrome is playing and experimenting with the lights and values -  that takes artistic courage. Almost all the artists have few monochrome paintings in their life. These are like the stages or better said evidences of their artistic maturation - far away from the overwhelming colours, seeing the truest form!
        In my personal opinion, black and wh
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Is Lusamine a Tragic Villain?
Discussion has begun to flood the Internet with the critical acclaim of the latest instalments of Pokémon (Sun and Moon). One of the biggest points of said discussion is the true villainous leader, Lusamine. More specifically, a debate has started on her degree of villainy in light of some revealed information the player obtains after they defeat the Pokemon League. It is to the point now where some people have started to express admiration for her position of power as a female President and sympathy for how she came to be the villain that she is. These same people often believe that the only reason for her cruelty was the neurotoxin that UB:01 (Nihilego) injected into her.
I, however, do not agree with these sentiments. Lusamine cannot be classified as a tragic villain. In fact, I believe that she was flawed even before her downward spiral; a woman who knows absolutely nothing about the true meaning of love. And as a great of a character she
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