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Commission: Greek Gods - Dionysus and Aphrodite by KodamaCreative Commission: Greek Gods - Dionysus and Aphrodite :iconkodamacreative:KodamaCreative 739 54 The Almighty: Greek by Galactic-Travailler The Almighty: Greek :icongalactic-travailler:Galactic-Travailler 655 186 We're Doomed! by Quarter-Virus We're Doomed! :iconquarter-virus:Quarter-Virus 283 17 The Gods of Olympus by Nimbus2005 The Gods of Olympus :iconnimbus2005:Nimbus2005 326 13 the magic word by Fedini the magic word :iconfedini:Fedini 413 96
Kamigami no Asobi Seven Minutes in Heaven Takeru
      “Now that everyone understands how this is going to work, we can finally begin.” Even though this game, or activity, as he liked to call it, was Thoth's idea, he didn't seem completely sure how to go about playing it. Too prideful to admit that, he signaled for you to join him in the very center of the cafeteria. “I believe you stated that you were familiar with this activity. If that's so, it would stand to reason that you should go first.”
“Sure, I don't mind at all.” Nervous, but equally excited about the game, you walked up to the large table and looked down at the row of lunch boxes. Each one contained an item from one of the other players. Each box looked identical to the next, making it impossible for you to cheat. After choosing a box, you opened it up and pulled a very tiny seashell from within. “Takeru, is this yours?”
Takeru pulled his attention away from his brothers notes and focused his eyes on the pure,
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 196 13
Dionysus portrait by Fedini Dionysus portrait :iconfedini:Fedini 464 50 - Dionysos - by Fedini - Dionysos - :iconfedini:Fedini 363 88 Wonder Woman Cartoon Show: About clouds and throne by tremary Wonder Woman Cartoon Show: About clouds and throne :icontremary:tremary 178 25 Olympians: Dionysus by Hiroki8 Olympians: Dionysus :iconhiroki8:Hiroki8 226 7
Kamigami no Asobi Seven Minutes in Heaven Loki
         While the last turn was going on, Thoth had taken a moment of his time to line all the females up in a row. He did this, hoping that it would help things run more smoothly than they had been before. It wasn't that things weren't going smoothly to begin with, but Thoth was a perfectionist. “The next person in line may come up now. It is your turn to participate.”
“O-oh, I think that's me. I'm coming.” Terribly nervous, to the point of shaking, you awkwardly stood from your seat and walked over to the row of lunch boxes. Wanting only to be out of the groups line of sight as quickly as possible, you chose your box at random. Inside this box, was a small, individually wrapped piece of candy. You had an idea as to who this candy belonged to, but to avoid embarrassing yourself, you simply announced to the other players what your item was. “My item is candy.”
“Then it looks like you and I are going to be partners for
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 198 14
Tarot: The Devil by RevolverWinds Tarot: The Devil :iconrevolverwinds:RevolverWinds 178 15 (NeOlympus) The Cast (... so far) by Roysovitch (NeOlympus) The Cast (... so far) :iconroysovitch:Roysovitch 130 89 Teumesios by Culpeo-Fox Teumesios :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 1,028 99 Gate to Pan's Garden by deskridge Gate to Pan's Garden :icondeskridge:deskridge 238 74
Kamigami no Asobi Seven Minutes in Heaven Intro
     For reasons unknown to all but a single person, Thoth had gathered everyone into the school's spacious cafeteria. “It appears that everyone is now present and accounted for. Let us begin.” After firmly shutting the cafeteria door, Thoth stepped in front of the curious group, sat down on the end of one of the many tables and quietly cleared his throat. “I'm sure you're all wondering why I have decided to gather you here.”
Dropping his elbow down to the table with a loud thud, Loki lazily propped his head up with his hand and mumbled to his brother. “Hopefully it's not for another one of his lectures. I've had enough of those lately to last me all of eternity.” Though he said nothing in return, Thor nodded in complete agreement.
Ignoring Loki's sarcasm, Thoth continued. “I came upon a rather interesting game during my reading. The concept is odd, but I believe it will aid all of you in your understanding of humans. For this re
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 198 10
Waltzing Ariadne- Wasted and.. by stambo42 Waltzing Ariadne- Wasted and.. :iconstambo42:stambo42 904 51 Drunkenly Fierce by BambooDog Drunkenly Fierce :iconbamboodog:BambooDog 1,171 124 Greek Gods Stamp by Dapplefire Greek Gods Stamp :icondapplefire:Dapplefire 290 119 *UPDATED* Kamigami no Asobi Icons by KizunaYui-Studios *UPDATED* Kamigami no Asobi Icons :iconkizunayui-studios:KizunaYui-Studios 289 21 Percy Jackson and the Olympians Hephaestos by NOOSBORN Percy Jackson and the Olympians Hephaestos :iconnoosborn:NOOSBORN 278 41 Eradel Doodles by Quarter-Virus Eradel Doodles :iconquarter-virus:Quarter-Virus 173 4 Party God (PJOFanArtZine) by andiree Party God (PJOFanArtZine) :iconandiree:andiree 373 28