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FFCC: Cloud by Risachantag FFCC: Cloud :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 1,560 240 A Second Chance by Widowmura A Second Chance :iconwidowmura:Widowmura 377 33 Dinner Date by JJbananasaur Dinner Date :iconjjbananasaur:JJbananasaur 247 22 Cena con Sans by reina-del-caos Cena con Sans :iconreina-del-caos:reina-del-caos 157 53 Kate and Sienna by owlerart Kate and Sienna :iconowlerart:owlerart 654 17 .:SonMario:. Bella Notte by SEGAMew .:SonMario:. Bella Notte :iconsegamew:SEGAMew 350 139 Dinner Date at Pizza Hut by MetaDragonArt Dinner Date at Pizza Hut :iconmetadragonart:MetaDragonArt 118 38 Dinner Date by SKJeter Dinner Date :iconskjeter:SKJeter 177 21 Pepe x Oc Base by 420BASEIT Pepe x Oc Base :icon420baseit:420BASEIT 112 96 Iftar by Teakster Iftar :iconteakster:Teakster 33 7 Rin and wine by rtil Rin and wine :iconrtil:rtil 686 25 Dinner time by paratroopaCx Dinner time :iconparatroopacx:paratroopaCx 38 19 Just in time for dinner! by OrderInTheCourtroom Just in time for dinner! :iconorderinthecourtroom:OrderInTheCourtroom 126 43
Dinner with the King (OHSHC Tamaki x Reader)
It was just another ordinary day. Time seemed to move slowly as you sat on your couch watching TV, hardly paying attention as you flipped through the channels. So bored with doing nothing, you almost didn’t realize that the doorbell rang. You rush over there quickly, hoping that whoever was there hadn’t left yet.
You open your door to see Tamaki Suoh, the very king of the Ouran Host Club. He stood in a white suit holding a bouquet of flowers.
"Why, hello there! I heard you were lonely, so I came for a visit!"
'Who told him that?' You thought, but shrugged it off.
“Ok. So, was there somewhere you wanted to go?”
"Just follow me!" He takes your hand and leads you to a sleek white sports car.
You go inside and find posh seats and an equally elegant interior. '
What a fancy car!'
He sits down in the driver’s seat before leaving your house.
'But where are we going?'
-Time will skip to the future!-
You arrive at a very fancy re
:iconhong-kong-kitty:Hong-Kong-Kitty 95 34
Twilight Sparkle x Peter Parker- Try some meat! by Jamal2504 Twilight Sparkle x Peter Parker- Try some meat! :iconjamal2504:Jamal2504 88 8 Cain and Abel's Dinner Date by Muchacha10 Cain and Abel's Dinner Date :iconmuchacha10:Muchacha10 167 57
Dine like an American (Hetalia America x Reader)
You were getting ready for your date that evening. While you are getting ready, you get a text.
"Ze awesome Prussia summons you! Come to my house for a surprise!"
You answer back. "You summon me? I am not a royal subject. Plus I have plans... Sorry!"
Just then, you get another message. As well as a reply.
 "Dude! I'll be there in like, a few minutes! Wear a dress by the way!"
You just finished changing when you hear a loud knock on the door. You answer to see America....dressed as a pirate!
"Hey Alfie!! Why're you dressed like that?!"
"It's a surprise!" He grabs your hand and races off with you. You two dash through the streets, crossing roads without checking for cars and passing people carelessly on the street. It's a miracle you were both ok. Finally, you two reach a large building. It looked like a restaurant. But, when America led you inside, you weren't so sure. People sat at tables in the shape of pirate ship steering wheels all around. Drinks were se
:iconhong-kong-kitty:Hong-Kong-Kitty 52 21
Beyblade Rick + Max by TechnoRanma Beyblade Rick + Max :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 91 8 Fox + Krystal - ballpoint pen doodles by Luminosion Fox + Krystal - ballpoint pen doodles :iconluminosion:Luminosion 125 15 Korrasami - Back in the Restaurant by MattHunX Korrasami - Back in the Restaurant :iconmatthunx:MattHunX 48 18 Jenny and Brad's Candlelit Dinner Date by nintendomaximus Jenny and Brad's Candlelit Dinner Date :iconnintendomaximus:nintendomaximus 82 23 Motaku 2012 Commission 02 by fir3h34rt Motaku 2012 Commission 02 :iconfir3h34rt:fir3h34rt 85 7 Saying the Wrong Thing by johnjoseco Saying the Wrong Thing :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 151 19