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Managing Your Deviations- A Hidden Menu!
Community Week
Did You Know...
...DeviantART has a mass storage system of all your gallery deviations? can manage all of your gallery deviations from one location? can move deviations into "Storage" and essentially remove them from your gallery while preserving the page view, favorite, download, and other statistics?

Many of us have deviations in our galleries that you no longer have the computer file for and would be devastated if you lost them… Ever thought, "I really don't want to download each deviation to my computer or but I just don't want them in my gallery any longer! Then there's a handful of deviations I want to turn off comments for. I wonder if this can be done all at once?" If this is you... Keep Reading! :eager:

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HTML in Literature Deviations
Listed in alphabetical order:
< a > anchor tag : used to create links out of text. 
Ex: deviantART
How to do it: < a href=" LINK "> DESIRED TEXT < / a >
< abbr > abbreviation tag : used to create scroll-over definitions for abbreviations. 
How to do it: < abbr title=" NOUN "> ABBREVIATION < / abbr >
< acronym > acronym tag : used to create scroll-over definitions for acronyms. 
How to use it: < acronym title= " TEXT "> ACRONYM < / acronym >
< b > bold tag : used to bold text. 
Ex: Text
How to use it: < b > TEXT < / b >
< blockquote > blockquote tag : used to indent a paragraph to symbolize a large body of quote text.
Ex: You're looking at one.
How to use it: < blockquote > TEXT < / blockquote >
< br > "[line] break" tag : an open tag used to create line breaks in a paragra
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Did You Know - Manage Deviations
Manage Deviations
Especially when you have quite a lot of artworks in your gallery, it can become tricky to manage your deviations and to sort through them.
That's why we have the manage deviations page. You can either access it via the direct link or by choosing "Manage Deviations" from the Submit Menu.

On that page you have listed your deviations & journals. The overview will give you the name, the category it was submitted to, the publishing date and it also lists your sharing options and if critiques and comments are enabled or disabled.

:note: When hovering over your deviation title, you will also get a little preview of that deviation. This helps to know what deviation you are going to edit, when you can't remember what title goes with what deviation.
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A Note on Daily Deviation Features
At ten features into my tenure as Community Volunteer for Abstract & Surreal Photography I am noticing a certain trend in response to abstract and surreal Daily Deviations. I shall address some of the recurring themes here, and hopefully answer some questions along the way. At this point I would like to mention that I am talking about a small and vocal minority, and I sincerely thank the overwhelming majority for supporting the featured artists and their work. You're what makes this site such a great community.
With that said, let's get to the troublesome themes I am coming across.
The "This is crap!" Argument
As an observer and a critic, you're entitled to think that something isn't very good. However, exclaiming as such on the comments of a piece of work that an artist has spent time and energy creating is not only counter-productive, but rude and insulting, especially if it's not followed up with some advice about how you think they could make their
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