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The Demon Rat of Vercingetorix by ursulav The Demon Rat of Vercingetorix :iconursulav:ursulav 2,246 295 The only moment of peace... by Bear-hybrid The only moment of peace... :iconbear-hybrid:Bear-hybrid 147 32 Vampire: Pleasure of the Beast by Tinebra Vampire: Pleasure of the Beast :icontinebra:Tinebra 284 88 Carmilla's Requiem by Demonrat Carmilla's Requiem :icondemonrat:Demonrat 426 89 The Gore by Demonrat The Gore :icondemonrat:Demonrat 237 65 Amelie by Tinebra Amelie :icontinebra:Tinebra 190 36 Close my Soul by Demonrat Close my Soul :icondemonrat:Demonrat 187 23 Reverie by Demonrat Reverie :icondemonrat:Demonrat 297 43 Thoughts by Tinebra Thoughts :icontinebra:Tinebra 270 60 Vampire by Tinebra Vampire :icontinebra:Tinebra 225 52 Fallen Angel by Demonrat Fallen Angel :icondemonrat:Demonrat 89 17 N i k a by Tinebra N i k a :icontinebra:Tinebra 97 31 Tomato must die by polawat Tomato must die :iconpolawat:polawat 68 31 Fallen Angel 03 by Demonrat Fallen Angel 03 :icondemonrat:Demonrat 56 15 Where is Alice? 2 by Demonrat Where is Alice? 2 :icondemonrat:Demonrat 66 22 Seduzione Velata by Demonrat Seduzione Velata :icondemonrat:Demonrat 36 11 Where is Alice? by Demonrat Where is Alice? :icondemonrat:Demonrat 51 8 Where is Alice? 3 by Demonrat Where is Alice? 3 :icondemonrat:Demonrat 70 11
Chronicles of Schlegmori Rats
Hello there.
Nice to see there is someone to read this text (there must be, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this, now would you?) I presume that you are a human, since demons don't read much. Well, I guess you could be a demon too, but I don't know you. None of the demons I know are into reading, except my master, of course, but he's the one writing things down and knowing it in the first place, so he doesn't really need to waste his time in read anything.
Since you most probably, under these circumstances, are a human being (or a really rare demon interested in literacy) you probably have no idea what I'm babbling about, right? This place here, where I'm sitting right now -and where I've spent my whole life for that matter- is Etherneri. Or, for you human people, the Demon World. You know, the world where all the demons live in. Obviously. The glorious Downstairs, as I've heard you like to call it. Dark, dirty and dangerous, but it's home nevertheless.
Who am I then? Well, I - meani
:iconpaperiapina:Paperiapina 15 25
Tott by Risto-licious Tott :iconristo-licious:Risto-licious 42 0