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[MHA] Icon couple TodoDeku by kuatakeru [MHA] Icon couple TodoDeku :iconkuatakeru:kuatakeru 285 16 DEKU by NOPEYS DEKU :iconnopeys:NOPEYS 703 8 Midoriya - My Hero Academia by digitalninja Midoriya - My Hero Academia :icondigitalninja:digitalninja 154 6 Midoriya Izuku (Deku) | Boku no Hero Academia by Sephiroth508 Midoriya Izuku (Deku) | Boku no Hero Academia :iconsephiroth508:Sephiroth508 103 6 FIVE PERCENT by morippin FIVE PERCENT :iconmorippin:morippin 298 37 Smash ! Deku by MCAshe Smash ! Deku :iconmcashe:MCAshe 285 11 My Overwatch Academia (Pt 5) by Goombac My Overwatch Academia (Pt 5) :icongoombac:Goombac 125 6 Todoroki - My Hero Academia by digitalninja Todoroki - My Hero Academia :icondigitalninja:digitalninja 118 17 Shouto Artwork by MCAshe Shouto Artwork :iconmcashe:MCAshe 264 30 My Overwatch Academia (Pt 4) by Goombac My Overwatch Academia (Pt 4) :icongoombac:Goombac 115 6 My Overwatch Academia (Pt 6) by Goombac My Overwatch Academia (Pt 6) :icongoombac:Goombac 104 3 One for All Full Cowl by heyeyshjey One for All Full Cowl :iconheyeyshjey:heyeyshjey 135 3 Go Deku! by HoshiNoDestiny Go Deku! :iconhoshinodestiny:HoshiNoDestiny 124 17 Bakugo - My Hero Academia by digitalninja Bakugo - My Hero Academia :icondigitalninja:digitalninja 60 8 Midoriya Izuku | Deku by Hoenhaimm Midoriya Izuku | Deku :iconhoenhaimm:Hoenhaimm 78 4 Inktober Day 1: Deku by Shono Inktober Day 1: Deku :iconshono:Shono 144 18 Deku Says... by UdoNudo Deku Says... :iconudonudo:UdoNudo 138 9 violent kabedon [bakudeku] by MariaMediaHere violent kabedon [bakudeku] :iconmariamediahere:MariaMediaHere 77 6 Villain! Deku AU ~ BNHA by can-yoou-nott Villain! Deku AU ~ BNHA :iconcan-yoou-nott:can-yoou-nott 82 6 Day 357 Midoriya by TomatoStyles Day 357 Midoriya :icontomatostyles:TomatoStyles 91 13
Death Battle! - Izuku Midoriya vs. Little Mac

Bolo: Everything's been looked at for both of them. I guess this means we're ready to start the fight.
Starlow: Yeah, I guess! Okay, time to start the underdog battle of the century!
Down, But Surely Not Out
Setting: Sports Festival Stadium, Waiting Area
Echoing around the halls of the otherwise quiet halls of the backstage waiting area of UA's Sports Festival Stadium were the excited cheers of the crowd waiting on the outside, the entire gallery jam-packed full of heroes, quirkless, and students alike who were more than excited to bear witness to the new, exciting event that the school had planned for the public. Because the ordinary Sports Festival wasn't enough action for the world from UA's all-star students, the school board had decided to set up a second fighting competition where any and all comers could step into the ring and take on students and faculty alike. It was set up in a lineup of fights, so eac
:icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 40 17
Midoriya Izuku by Minamiloa Midoriya Izuku :iconminamiloa:Minamiloa 89 15 hero by srhek hero :iconsrhek:srhek 74 8