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Wings of Fire Eranomous' Story PART 1
Written by: RhynoBullraq
Edited by: A.T. Peluso
Based on the World and Characters created by Tui T. Sutherland
Prologue: Krona
    Krona knew she wasn’t safe traveling alone in SkyWing territory, not to mention in the dangerous mountains where dragons weren’t the only thing you had to worry about. Falling boulders, rockslides, and cliffs too narrow to spread your own wings in, despite all the dangers she had to press on.
    Krona stopped, looking up to the night sky through the narrow opening above her, ‘Three moons…if I die in here, please make it a quick death.
                She quickly shook that thought away and continued forward through a tight crevice. When she emerged on the other side she saw them. Both dragons were SandWings, one looked around her age and the other full grow
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