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DAURPG - Arianna Rosencreutz
Name: Arianna Rosencreutz [Identical twin sister of Adrianna]
Age:   Appears 19 [Around 200]
Gender: Female
Origins:  Rothenburg, Germany
Race:  Vampyricus Comminus [Common Vampyre]
Height: 5′8″
Weight: 118lbs
Appearance:  Arianna is build slenderly, with long brown hair and large hazel eyes and the usual pale vampire skin, giving her a very innocent and young look. She prefers to wear long skirts or dresses as well as blouses and long coats. Most of her clothes are decorated with small floral lace and made of light, floating material. Her preferred colors are pastel greens, blues and pinks. Arianna usually wears her hair open. She doesn't wear much jewelery, save for a small golden locket that carries tiny portraits of herself and her sister.
Personality: Arianna has a very romantic,
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Wuruhi Wairua Whatumanawa
::Note: This character is designed to develop and grow throughout my RP experiences, making him gradually stronger, faster, more powerful, etc. In light of this you must never assume him to be the same if you encounter him in RP more than once::
Name: Wuruhi (Wairua) Whatumanawa.
Meaning: Wolf Heart. Wairua means Spirit/Soul, and is a given nickname.
Age: Roughly 180 to 200 Years.
Gender: Male.
Race: Lycan.
Height: 6'4".
In Lycan Form: 7'2".
Den: Pango Huruhuru.
Meaning: Black Fur.
In his human form, Wairua is a tall Māori man who appears to be in his early to mid twenties. His head is beset by jet black hair and the left hand side of his face is covered with a traditional Māori moko (Tattoo).
His eyes are pale brown, who's inner corona's are laced with a much darker brown, giving a semi-radiating dark-to-light effect.
Around his
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DAUnderworld Character - Black
Name: Theodore Walter Black
Born: In a different plane well over twenty six millenia ago. Arrived on Earth  128b.c. (2135 years old as of 28th November 2007)
Gender: Male
Race: Immortal - Daemon
Hair Colour/lenght: Short styled black hair.
Height: Approx 6'3"
Weight: Slight build and no more than 73kg.
Appearance: Theodore's appearance is unsettling to those who meet him for the first time. His hair is raven black in contrast to his sapphire blue eyes and pale off white skin which has a slight hint of grey. He radiates power and easily commands the respect of those he meets.
He is always seen wearing a high collared long black coat embroided with a flowing silver vine design around the edges;  that flows when he walks.  He also carries a worn black book on his person either in his off hand or somewhere in his coat.
Clinched at his waist is a sword of immeasurable value and power. It is of a simple and functional design forgoing most frivolous aesthetic ado
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Eric Valkor
Name: Eric Valkor
Age: 25 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Lycanthropus lupus felis
Height: 6.5 feet/7.8 in Wolf form
Weight: 255 lbs450 in wolf form
Appearance:  Eric has long dark hair and green eyes that glow yellow whenever he's pissed off, in pain, or in lycan form. He has an athletic muscular body. He is usually seen wears a red t-shirt, black leather pants, steel toed shitkickers, a black leather band watcher, a bluetooth piece, a black cap with a white V in the front, an ankle deep leather jacket, and a diamond earring in the left ear. Eric  also has the Japanese's symbol for wolf tattooed on his right shoulder, and Elysia tattooed on his back.
Personality: Eric is a nice guy most of the time. He is very intelligent.  He is loving, and respectful, and very protective of his mother, sister, fiancée, and the few friends he has. He is confident as well as a smart ass. Don't be fooled by his soft side. Eric is a total bad ass who doesn't take shit fro
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Captain Finn Hawkins
Name: Captain Finn Hawkins
Age: 1503
Gender: Male
Race: Immortal
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 213 lbs
Appearance: A gaunt, bony face with high cheek bones and small, intense, dark blue eyes. Unshaven, deathly blue-hued skin, covered in whiskers and a scraggly goatee with a few wooden and seashell beads braided into it. Three vertical lines branded into his skin below his left eye, the mark of a pirate. Just shy of shoulder-length dark brown, almost black hair is barely contained under a gray-brown three-pointed hat which has an infamous bullet hole shot clean through one of its sides. Has a jagged scar running from his right ear lobe halfway to his Adam’s apple- a reminder of a failed slit throat, the other side of his neck is tattooed in tribal markings that slowly sophisticate into Celtic designs as they extend from his neck to his left shoulder. Around his left side the teeth puncture scars of a shark attack are visible.
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DAU RP Character - Daniels
Name: Lawrence 'Lori' Daniels
Age: 28 Winters - DOB: 13 June 1981
Gender:    Male
Race: Ursuthropian Ursus Arctos (Grizzly Bear Therian)
Height: 6'5"
Weight:         96kg, toned and well muscled.
Description: Lawrence is a tall well muscled man who looks right at home on the ice rink or lifting heavy things. His head is clean shaven; though if his hair is left to grow out fills into a straw brown shaggy mop. Similarly he is also clean shaven and seems to be incapable of growing a full beard much to his dismay. In spite of this he has tried several times much to the amusement of his friends and family. Lawrence has sprightly bright pale blue eyes and are often the first thing people notice about him in contrast to his skin which is a light olive tone. He has a well defined facial structure with slightly gaunt cheeks and prominent cheek bones. His muscles are well defined and Lawrence takes pride in keeping them that way. Ca
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Name: Vaeryn (Vae) Veşnică Drăculeşti
Alias: Vaeryn the Amaranth, Amaranth.
Age: Unknown. (356)
Vaeryn was turned as a young man, so retains the look of a 27 year old.
Gender: Male.
Species: Vampyre. (Vampyricus Comminus)
Originally thought to be of the Drăculeşti, one of the ruling dynasty of Wallachia, now Romania, Vaeryn is said to be descended of Vlad Dracul and Vlad III Ţepeş, former kings of Wallachia, he served as a warrior & officer of intelligence under the Drăculeşti and regains his rank and honours from within the order of the dragon despite his "affliction" of Vampyrism.
Vaeryn was pressed into service by Balor of the Hrafn coven and reluctantly joined his cause as a Lycan hunter and counter-intelligence officer, he served with distinction in the clan-wars, keeping the lycans away from Hrafn's headquaters while simultaneously gathering intelligence on the Immortals, Lycan and other covens alike.
Hrafn, after the wars, was in
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Elizabeth.daunderworldrpg char
age:750((looks 19))
hair:pitch black
personality:very abusive and controlling.enjoys destroying people and breaking hearts.when shes not abusing people shes very snide,sadistic,cruel,sarcatsic and has a morbid sence of humor...a total bitch in general.
History:born in 1257 she was a proud woman of the Roman empire.and once quite loving and gentle.her father was a great general who had always dreamed of having a son but  had a little girl instead.instead of beccoming a war god like her father she was conssidered a great oricale at the age of 19 which at times proved quite usefull to the empire.unfortunatly for her beccoming important dosent go unnoticed and soon became the target of a vampire lord.he had done the same thing to her that she would soon do to every man with sex appeal that would cross her path.made her believe that he had indeed loved her,promised to marry her but only killed and robbed her and just like what she did,he wante
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Oighear Crevasse- Setting
The canyon sits at the base of a valley between two great mountains, either side of the valley containing ancient ruins. From inside the great canyon, sheets of ice stand tall with the stone cliffs, layers and shelves of jutting rock and ice giving a sense of foreboding, yet the reflective surfaces illuminate the area, making it look wider and taller.
Looking up to the valley from deep in the canyon, one can make out three wide stone bridges, their  incredibly long and flat forms seeming to defy gravity with lost craftmanship, blackened with age and long misuse. Several gaping holes reveal the disrepair on two of the three bridges, leaving stones half buried in the cold earth hundreds of feet below.
The floor of the canyon is often icey grass, which crunches under even the softest footsteps. Aged trees sparsely line the walls of the canyon, slender branches and ghostly white leaves offering no shade in light, or shelter from rain, their distended forms seeming to mask themsel
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DAUnderworldRPG CS
Name: Nakor - The Blue Rider
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Isalani
Hair Colour/lenght: Shoulder length black hair.
Height: Approx 5'1"
Weight: Slight build and no more than 63kg.
Appearance (what he/she looks like, a link to the picture of your character will be accepted also): Nakor is of slight build, with shoulder length black hair and has a yellowish skin as is normal of most people of Keshian decent. He wears a tattered blue robe and carries a medium sized ruck sack with him, which he often hooks over his shoulder. He also carries a long walking staff and wears a pair of worn leather boots.
Outwardly he appears quite harmless, but this is deceptive as he can be quite fast and nimble when he is required to be.
Personality: Nakor is eclectic, eccentric and often humorous. He has a unique outlook on magic and life and is a fast learner (thought there is little left for him to learn).
Background: None really know when Nakor first appeared or what his history truly holds, however, we
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Sorcha Nairne- RP Character
Name: Sorcha Nairne
Age: 313 years, appears to be in mid-twenties in human form.
Gender: Female
Race: Ice wolf lycanthrope
Height: 5’8” human form, 6’0” in lycan form
Weight: 168 lbs
Appearance: In human form her face is covered in blue woad paint in Celtic fashion, a beautiful woman with piercing grey eyes and thick, black hair. Her left brow has a slight scar on it. In lycanthrope form her fur his black that fades to gray at her paws and belly, a white patch shows over her left brow. Unnaturally long lycan ears allow Sorcha’s hearing to be even greater than most of her kinds though she has the ability to cover her ears and fold them shut, least they would be turned into a weakness by loud noises, her eyes in lycan form are crimson. A brown leather rider’s vest covers a shirt of chain maille that covers above her elbows down to her navel. It has been custom crafted and fits to her form as a lycan like a sec
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Character Sheet: Brae
Name: Brae
Age: Not known but in human form he appears to be around fifty years old.
Gender: Male.
Race: Lycanthrope.
Height: 6’10”
Weight: 284 lbs.
Appearance: Almost always wearing a white hat that seems all but drenched in flour. A white apron is often around his front and his lower half is clad in brown slacks that have torn knees and frayed bottoms. A single leather strap of shotgun shells wraps over his shoulder under his apron, his shotgun is tucked into his belt. He hardly ever leaves lycanthrope form as his human face is scarred from his old life as a mercenary and revolutionary. In lycan form Brae is powerfully built with immense forearms and thick, black fur. His left hand is white however, his belly fur goes to gray and off white at the center.
Background: Brae’s history is unknown to all but Marco, the lycan that took him in. What is known is that his past is a dark one of crime, murder, and savagery. He has an odd fascination with technical things and can a
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The Garage
“Like a Laundromat, minus the washers, dryers, and other paraphernalia of a Laundromat, plus, a stage, some instruments, computers, speakers, a few chairs, a kitchen, some couches, and a whole bunch of other cool shit.”
-Jacob Van Druzv

So, as described above, The Garage looks like a Laundromat, possibly because it was at one point. But it's a laundromat in Paris. The heart of Paris.
When you walk in, you are overpowered by the scent of cigarette smoke and Mary Jane, but sometimes, you can catch a hint of rose petals and caramel, but only when you smell really hard, and usually it’s because of Grandma, one of the owners. Don’t get caught off guard by her looks, she’s really over one thousand. So is her husband, Grandpa.
The Garage is dark; usually the only light is from a few small windows, and maybe a light or two. The only lighted place is the bar, usually. But on rare occasions, the whole place is filled with white lights, and no one but
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Adelaide Koch statistics
Name:: Adelaide Koch
Age:: 17 at time of turn (1842)
Gender:: Female
Race:: Vampyre
Height:: 4'11"
Weight:: 112 lbs
Small by today's standards, she has straight chest length dark-brown hair that is kept neatly down most times, but sometimes up in a bun covered with a bonnet or hat. She wears clothing from her time of turning mostly. Her moss green eyes are a little on the large side, but quite expressive because of it. She has small hands and feet, and an average figure. There is a link in the "Artists comments" box to an image.
Withdrawn, polite, aloof but not stuck-up. Over-generous at times, and apologetic. Extremely submissive (in a non-sexual way) and refuses all sexual relationships. She loves the winter and fruit, refusing to live on a diet of blood alone. She is rather strong-willed about certain things, but not many.
Born to a relatively middle class family in Germany. Raised to be obedient, silent, and to view the world and
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The Fog Keep- Setting
Crumbling and in a great state of disrepair, The Keep of the Western Kings stands tall, stabbing up through constant fog, torches always lit. It’s history is of the trading hands of French, English, and Spanish armies over the centuries, battle-bruised it has only three true walls, the fourth is wooden and weather-worn. Some 300 feet by 250 feet at its base and stretching up at its highest tower to some 400 feet, the castle is still impressive after going through mutations over the past millennium brought on by new conquerors.
It is often called The Fog Keep, as the land around is it riddled in gravestones, names worn away by the winds, broken crosses, rusted swords stabbed above mounds in the wild grass. A constant fog lingers here, at knee-height outdoors where the trees are black of bark and claw at the grey sky. The distant crash of waves can be heard, the rumblings of the Atlantic nearby, the air smells of salt and stone and war.
The interior of the castle is lit by a chandel
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L'hospital de Macaro
L'hospital de Macaro:
L'hospital de Macaro parallels the mortuary and is a small one. It caters to the creatures of the world under the ruse of a hospital dedicated to the study of disease, there is also a blood donation office at the front. The building's rooms are soundproofed to keep the occasional howling of a Therian having silver removed from its body on low profile; the sheetrock is also reinforced with a thin sheet of silver and steel.
The hospital is a neutral building as was Corvinus's wish. It is run by Immortals he trusted to keep order and peace during the war. He hated sending The Cleaners to the battlefield to fix the mess the Vampyres and Therians made.
The hospital is split into three sections, the first being the Immortals and human section. It is the only section humans ever see, and they believe it makes up the whole of the main hospital. The very front of the hospital has several rooms split by a grand hallway. Each of these rooms has the supplies for blood
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The Rose Garden
The Rose Garden
High in the mountains safe from harm there lies a path that branches along a forgotten arm. It leads to a garden shrouded in mist. Hidden and quiet; truly a place god had kissed.
Once you have walked down the path you arrive at a stone arch that carved vines creep all over. Stepping through the portal a cobbled path winds through a wild tangle of roses. Most stand at deaths door; their brittle skeletons frosted by the cold wind that wound its way along the high path. Snap frozen in permanent slumber the roses have become delicate ice statues. As the cobbled path leads deeper into the shadow of the mountain the air warms and the garden bursts to life.
Perfect emerald stems rise from black earthen beds to rise into the sky. Along each stem razor sharp amber thorn protrude to protect the beauty of the blood red blossoms that burst to life whenever someone draws near. When the garden is empty it hibernates and the roses close into their buds. Only to be wakene
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