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I Remember (Levi x Daughter!Reader)
    "I remember when I first saw you..."
Levi watched as the last titan in the area fell dead. Again they were outside the walls on an expedition trying to reclaim land lost to them by the titans. They were currently in one of the small villages that resided outside the walls and which was destroyed by the titans. Many lives were lost and Levi kept thinking that if maybe they would had gotten there a little sooner lives could have been saved. Now he stands surrounded by dead bodies and torn off body parts with the smell of death in the air.  
    "No matter how hard we try it seems death is always one step ahead of us." He said to himself. 
    "Alright everyone listen up! Look around for any survivors! If there are any we need to get them back inside the safety of the walls!" Erwin ordered. The cadets quickly went to do what they were told. "Hanji, Levi let's go help as well.'' Erwin said. They both nodded and went to l
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