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The Walking Dead by PatrickBrown The Walking Dead :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 4,977 195 The Walking Dead: Set 1 by perditionist The Walking Dead: Set 1 :iconperditionist:perditionist 1,784 122 The Walking Dead by sologfx The Walking Dead :iconsologfx:sologfx 2,997 437 Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead by Brilcrist Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 6,649 645
Hick || Daryl Dixon
Every new day felt like a small miracle. Especially a day when there was no need to bury the people that were a part of the small family made of complete strangers. It was a hot, nice day with sun shining brightly on a deep blue sky. A light breeze brushed through your hair as you stood in one spot. The bowstring was pressed to your cheek as you waited for the right moment.
And when it came, your fingers released an arrow they were holding. It flew past the fence and hit the target in the head, making it fall to the ground. You gazed at the rotten body for a moment, wishing that it gave a peace to the tormented soul that once possessed it. A second later you had your bow drew again and ready to shoot.
“Don’t waste your arrows, you will need them later.”
Startled, you turned around aiming at the person who stood behind you. But as you saw a pair of green eyes you withdraw the weapon and straightened up.
“If you do that one more time, Daryl, then…”
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The Walking Dead Animated-Part 1 by mirandaareli The Walking Dead Animated-Part 1 :iconmirandaareli:mirandaareli 822 95
Worry (Daryl x Pregnant!Reader)
(A/N: Small spoiler warning for Season 5.)
Alexandria was supposed to be safe. A home. Daryl was skeptical of anything that donned that name. At least, there were doctors and a surgeon. So, Daryl had finally decided to let go, to (y/n)'s relief. He didn't think he had to worry about (y/n) giving birth anymore. He had been terrified for her life ever since the day that she had told him that she was pregnant, and that was around nine months ago. He counted.
He didn't want her to leave his life. He loved her more than life itself, and losing her would definitely end him.
At first, he had gotten angry at her for even suggesting that they do anything remotely related to anything that could risk their lives; but he had given in anyway. He guessed that he needed that type of closeness, especially after all that's happened. He knew the risks, but at that time, he didn't care.
Knowing how strong and confident (y/n) was, over time, his worry and anger decreased. He couldn't blame the pregnancy s
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oh god Daryl ew by perditionist oh god Daryl ew :iconperditionist:perditionist 3,306 284 The Walking Ghouls - This won't end well by YogurthFrost The Walking Ghouls - This won't end well :iconyogurthfrost:YogurthFrost 347 188 Walking dead by maXKennedy Walking dead :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 844 374 Daryl Dixon by Syllirium Daryl Dixon :iconsyllirium:Syllirium 996 101 Paper WALKING DEAD by EadgeArt Paper WALKING DEAD :iconeadgeart:EadgeArt 1,152 111
Mischief Managed (Daryl Dixon x Reader)
Chatter filled the room as you walked in, your little cousin Ben trailing behind you. He was nine years old and had no problems at all adjusting to the new group, unlike you. It had been already half a month since you’d moved to the prison, being a resident of Woodbury beforehand. Still it felt strange sharing a roof with the former enemy, but of course you knew they had been right about the governor. You sat down next to Carol, who you’d taken an instant liking to, despite the age difference. Maybe it was because she reminded you of your mother. You smiled at her and thanked her for the cereal she was handing you and Ben.
When you started to eat you suddenly felt someone watching you, and when you looked up you noticed a certain hunter staring at you from across the table. Oh shit. Daryl was the unofficial leader of the group; He was the one who made sure you had enough to eat; who went on every single run, no matter if it was for supplies or for protection. He was like a
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The walking dead - Daryl Dixon sketches by maXKennedy The walking dead - Daryl Dixon sketches :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 1,020 42 Daryl's Wings by cpn-blowfish Daryl's Wings :iconcpn-blowfish:cpn-blowfish 1,122 60 The walking dead Assassin's Creed 3 Crossover by maXKennedy The walking dead Assassin's Creed 3 Crossover :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 537 40 Icarus Iscariot by Sempaiko Icarus Iscariot :iconsempaiko:Sempaiko 1,338 51 Daryl Dixon by Overweight-Cat Daryl Dixon :iconoverweight-cat:Overweight-Cat 2,468 89 Daryl Dixon by fishglow Daryl Dixon :iconfishglow:fishglow 1,789 193 the walking dead - Daryl x Beth by maXKennedy the walking dead - Daryl x Beth :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 1,219 207 Daryl and Carol by Sairobi Daryl and Carol :iconsairobi:Sairobi 1,020 84 Daryl Dixon by p1xer Daryl Dixon :iconp1xer:p1xer 1,040 122 The Day Will Come When You Won't Be by ertacaltinoz The Day Will Come When You Won't Be :iconertacaltinoz:ertacaltinoz 559 68 Rick And Daryl by AmandaTolleson Rick And Daryl :iconamandatolleson:AmandaTolleson 898 119 The Executioner by Emorenji The Executioner :iconemorenji:Emorenji 416 40 The walking dead - Alone by maXKennedy The walking dead - Alone :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 713 67 Daryl Dixon n Cheeroke Roses by Brilcrist Daryl Dixon n Cheeroke Roses :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 2,723 133 Daryl Dixon by LemonSherman Daryl Dixon :iconlemonsherman:LemonSherman 260 12 Daryl Dixon by MariaNovikova Daryl Dixon :iconmarianovikova:MariaNovikova 622 97 Drawing out The Dead by pushfighter Drawing out The Dead :iconpushfighter:pushfighter 1,101 75 The Walking Dead - Badass Carl? by SpiritRising7 The Walking Dead - Badass Carl? :iconspiritrising7:SpiritRising7 903 138 Daryl by inklou Daryl :iconinklou:inklou 1,260 55 Daryl Dixon...Super badass! by ted1air Daryl Dixon...Super badass! :iconted1air:ted1air 791 124 The Walking Dead - Daryl Dixon by p1xer The Walking Dead - Daryl Dixon :iconp1xer:p1xer 661 59 Four Wolves Commission by WildSpiritWolf Four Wolves Commission :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 661 44
DarylxReader: Gunshot
You sighed, lightly placing the last plate on the drying rack. It had been a few days since Hershel had decided that he trusted your group enough to let you into the house. You had volunteered to help Maggie in the kitchen. The guys were pretty bad at cooking, Carol was still worried about Sophia, as were you all, Andrea was always following Shane around like a puppy, and Lori was being distant. It was a lot to cook for everyone, but someone had to do the work.
Maggie entered the kitchen. "Thank you for taking care of the dishes (Name)."
"It was no problem. How is everyone doing?"
"Daryl still isn't back from looking for Sophia. I saved dinner for him but still..."
You frowned as you glanced out the window; it was getting late. "I'll go look for him." You picked up your sword that was leaning against the kitchen wall. You attached it to your belt so you could draw it quickly. It was times like this you were thankful for all the kendo classes you took in school. A sword might get you cl
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Daryl Dixon X Reader: Walking Drunk
(Season 2)
Your one visit into town had dire consequences.
You'd found three bottles of wine. In a brash decision, you'd hidden them in your backpack and collected some supplies others needed before heading back to the farm.
The wine had been stored in your tent for a good few days. This fact alone had surprised you, but you'd been sleeping a lot, and you'd been quite busy helping with other odds and ends around the farm.
Now, though, you had free time. And you were bored.
Now, you decided, it was a good time to shake things up around the farm.
You opened the first bottle...
~~~Several bottles later~~~
"Mom, what's wrong with (Y/n)?" Carl prodded Lori's shoulder as she, Carol, Dale, Shane and Rick turned to watch you half-stumble across the open space in front of the farmhouse.
"Is she...?" Carol began.
"Carl, get inside." Lori urged him back as he pulled out his gun, aiming it at you as Carol and Dale retreated behind Rick and Shane.
"Dammit." Rick cursed. "Lori, stay here with
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The Walking Dead Squishies by CitizenWolfie The Walking Dead Squishies :iconcitizenwolfie:CitizenWolfie 201 21 The walking dead - Daryl Dixon catsplay by maXKennedy The walking dead - Daryl Dixon catsplay :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 326 39 the Walking dead - Daryl Dixon by the-ChooK the Walking dead - Daryl Dixon :iconthe-chook:the-ChooK 980 178 the walking dead - rickyl by maXKennedy the walking dead - rickyl :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 297 25 Daryl - Studies by Sempaiko Daryl - Studies :iconsempaiko:Sempaiko 944 26 Norman Reedus portrait by dmkozicka Norman Reedus portrait :icondmkozicka:dmkozicka 787 253
Just the Beginning [DarylxReader] Ch.1
A scream shredded through the air of the forest, the guttural moans and yells from the Walker raising in response. The shrill sound never morphed into a word of 'help', never conforming into the universal plea for salvation. There was no help. There was no salvation. That was a fact you had accepted long ago.
Your heartbeat pounded ferociously in your chest, beating twice for every one time your leg hit the ground. Blood roared in your ears, too loud to hear the crunching of leaves and grass as your feet blazed across them, but not loud enough to block out the sounds of the flesh-eater that now called you its prey. You could hear it behind you; God, it moved fast. Your legs were already tiring, weakened by the jarring impact of it to the ground combined with the never-ending trek that had occupied your night. You could feel your pulse in your head, hammering with every sight.
Tree. Shrub. Look back. Walker.
The wind tore past you, latching onto your tattered clothes like fingers malici
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Walking Dead: The Prison by ted1air Walking Dead: The Prison :iconted1air:ted1air 487 39 Daryl Dixon by AmandaTolleson Daryl Dixon :iconamandatolleson:AmandaTolleson 592 67 TWD - Daryl by lorna-ka TWD - Daryl :iconlorna-ka:lorna-ka 648 38 Daryl and Beth by PhlegmaticPerson Daryl and Beth :iconphlegmaticperson:PhlegmaticPerson 217 40