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Penthode animated glitch cover by atomcyber Penthode animated glitch cover :iconatomcyber:atomcyber 42 20 Masked-Resistance EP3 by atomcyber Masked-Resistance EP3 :iconatomcyber:atomcyber 158 13
Headphones :iconjesseaaah:jesseaaah 19 14
Pentode by atomcyber Pentode :iconatomcyber:atomcyber 96 20 Masked-Resistance EP2 by atomcyber Masked-Resistance EP2 :iconatomcyber:atomcyber 92 11 Hubrid Mercenary by atomcyber Hubrid Mercenary :iconatomcyber:atomcyber 44 7 Masked-Resistance by atomcyber Masked-Resistance :iconatomcyber:atomcyber 57 11 Astral Dream by Dandy-Jon Astral Dream :icondandy-jon:Dandy-Jon 36 2 Blasphemy Wall by Dandy-Jon Blasphemy Wall :icondandy-jon:Dandy-Jon 31 3
TFP: Breakdown's Recovery
The voice was familiar and yet, so far away…
It was a bit louder this time but somehow, I felt heavy…I couldn't move…
"Please…let this work…"
Let what work…? What's going on? I can't…drifting off…
Everything was just so heavy and dark…I couldn't see a thing…It was as if I was lost in some kind of world and everything was slipping away…
"Breakdown, snap out of it!"
The voice jarred me and I tried to move away from the voice. It was so loud…I couldn't focus…
"Breakdown, it's me, Knockout!"
Knockout…? Wait…I remember…
Was that…me? Did I just…speak? I thought I was gone…
"Come on, take it easy…"
I could feel something holding me as I was starting to regain consciousness. It hurt so much when my optics turn on. I thought I was blinded to be honest… Then, pain washed over me and I let out a long groan.
"Breakdown…" I heard Knockout s
:iconaurorafox:AuroraFox 24 2
I Am Abaddon by Dandy-Jon I Am Abaddon :icondandy-jon:Dandy-Jon 27 5 Flagellation by Dandy-Jon Flagellation :icondandy-jon:Dandy-Jon 24 15 Man Without Country by Dandy-Jon Man Without Country :icondandy-jon:Dandy-Jon 14 3 Leave It Improper by RockNRollRaptor Leave It Improper :iconrocknrollraptor:RockNRollRaptor 16 6 WKT: Aries [27] by CatLuvsCookies WKT: Aries [27] :iconcatluvscookies:CatLuvsCookies 27 1 Nightcrawler by SergiyKrykun Nightcrawler :iconsergiykrykun:SergiyKrykun 7 2 Welcome To Blindwich Valley (A3 Poster) by TurbioArt Welcome To Blindwich Valley (A3 Poster) :iconturbioart:TurbioArt 2 0 AWITW - Sunset Riders by yossarian-yo AWITW - Sunset Riders :iconyossarian-yo:yossarian-yo 3 0 She Moves Like a Knife by Daxtri She Moves Like a Knife :icondaxtri:Daxtri 4 0 The prayers (WTBV wallpaper) by TurbioArt The prayers (WTBV wallpaper) :iconturbioart:TurbioArt 1 0 Carpenter Brut 'Welcome To Midwich Valley' by Wrench1980s Carpenter Brut 'Welcome To Midwich Valley' :iconwrench1980s:Wrench1980s 2 0 Perturbator by EvgeniyZhdanov Perturbator :iconevgeniyzhdanov:EvgeniyZhdanov 2 0 Perturbator 2018 in live by me CM by CreepyMakara Perturbator 2018 in live by me CM :iconcreepymakara:CreepyMakara 2 0