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Wasted Flesh by WordOfChen, literature

The sacred heart by baroquedoll, literature

All's quiet in the deep by quiverwrites, literature

Everyone has a choice by KaizenKitty, literature

Gaps by quiverwrites, literature

Weeping by the Willow Tree by AMSnowOfficial, literature

Mute by KalineReine, literature

Protector by skekMal, literature

Hate Note by KalineReine, literature

don't pick me by randomMeAndBob, literature

Cannot Control - Isolation by ArtsyAmbassadorArt, literature

Meaningless Nothingness by KalineReine, literature

What If? by kiwiootori, literature

Dark Watcher Over Fate by FireSideTales, literature

Dark Type by KalineReine, literature

Sinking Feelings by KalineReine, literature

-0 by Thediamondintherough, literature

Somber SeasHells by KalineReine, literature

Lilith's Metamorphosis by WillowOaken, literature

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