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I wanted it.
I've wanted it so long; to feel the paralysis seep through my muscles, freezing every nerve, pausing all movement as if I had become wrapped by a cement body-cast. To have my mind engulfed in darkness, that cold arms slithering around it and claiming it as it's own, welcoming me into a world beyond this one... one I could have only ever dreamed of.
It would allow for those mere large, small dreams to become my reality, taking me away from this hurtful and judgmental world. To take away the reek of posh and cruelty from my body to be replaced with roses and freshly cut grass after an April shower.
To be accepted for who I am, never enduring the wrongful gossip from curled lips nor the piercing stares. Changing myself would not be mandatory to survive around a bunch of blood thirsty sharks, starving for fresh meat.
So as I come to think with a hard heat pounding down on my skin, soaking into my sweater to hide the scars on the surface...
Maybe a Coma wouldn't be such a ba
:icontubbytuna:TubbyTuna 17 6
Sick by LaurentGiguere Sick :iconlaurentgiguere:LaurentGiguere 50 2
The Lies That We Believe
Emotions born of circumstance
Beaten into our heads
Logical thoughts given no chance
Bright pain tears hope to shreds
Our feelings often lie to us
False truth tries to deceive
We'll cling to them without a fuss
These lies that we believe
Within our hearts we know the truth
Yet we fall into line
We ask ourselves for fractured proof
Then tell ourselves we're fine
These lies may sound so beautiful
But that won't make them true
Embrace the postponed funeral
Take hold of something new
Reflect on doctored memories
Draw wisdom from the past
Hold on to gentle melodies
Our peace we've found at last
:iconazialsilvara:AzialSilvara 16 6
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