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demon nights by duss005 demon nights :iconduss005:duss005 3,478 364 Marvelous Eighteen by AndyFairhurst Marvelous Eighteen :iconandyfairhurst:AndyFairhurst 2,395 465 NightDevil by EricGuzman NightDevil :iconericguzman:EricGuzman 1,617 118 Matt....DareDevil by CoranKizerStone Matt....DareDevil :iconcorankizerstone:CoranKizerStone 3,397 189 Daredevil roof jump by ChristianNauck Daredevil roof jump :iconchristiannauck:ChristianNauck 4,034 255 The Man Without Fear by CreatureBox The Man Without Fear :iconcreaturebox:CreatureBox 1,118 38
Family Troubles - Matt Murdock x Reader
    Matt was nervous. He's never met your family before and he usually just heard you complain about them. He listened to the steady beat of your heart to calm him down. You were too occupied with driving to realize how nervous Matt really was.
    You looked over at Matt and smiled. You were a lucky woman to have a man like Matt. You noticed something off though. Usually, Matt will strike up a conversation with you, but now he was just silent. "Matt?"
    Matt was ripped out of his trace and faced you, "Yes, Y/N?"
    "You doing okay?" You asked, facing the road once more.
    "Just a little nervous," Matt lied, he didn't want to tell you how nervous he actually was.
    You laughed, which caused Matt to smile. He loved nothing more than your laugh. "I'm sure you'll be fine. If I love you, then they'll love you." You told him. They have to.
    As you
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Elektra by ArtGutierrez Elektra :iconartgutierrez:ArtGutierrez 889 22 Daredevil by Cinar Daredevil :iconcinar:Cinar 1,038 54
The Painter - Matt Murdock x Reader
    Matt loved watching you paint, it was his favorite past time. People might think that a blind man that enjoys 'watching' someone paint (when they could never see what colors were used or what it even looked like) was a little weird. But, Matt could see the paint at the end of your brush, when you flicked paint against the canvas, he could clearly see the flames that followed.
    You stood in a still stance, across the living room while Matt was supposed to be going through the files for his client. He couldn't help but get distracted by you. Your heart that beat fast and steady, not to mention the sighs that kept coming from you. Matt was just too distracted.
    You stood in front of the blank canvas, you stared at the endless amount of possible but you couldn't come up with anything. There was nothing to drawYou sighed, turning around
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Desk - Matt Murdock x Reader
The office in Hell's Kitchen wasn't as empty or as bare as it once was. Boxes were still needing to be unpacked - but who has time to unpack boxes when you're trying to be an attorney? Matt certainly wasn't helping since he was constantly disappearing and refused to answer his phone which left Foggy, (Y/N) and Karen to their own devices or to deal with cases on their own.
"I swear if he doesn't get here in the next ten minutes I'm gonna punch him in his face." Foggy threatens as he paces around the office.
"Yes, threaten a blind man 'cause that doesn't make you look like an ass." (Y/N) mumbles. She has settled herself on the floor. Her fingers rapidly type on her laptop as she searches for a new desk to be placed in her own small room.
"I'm not the one being an ass here I just-"
"Who's being an ass?"
Matt stands in the doorway. In his hands is a tray of coffee and a brown paper bag. His other hand holds his cane.
"Where the hell have you been?" Foggy asks.
"I was getting coffee," Matt
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Combo of four + AUCTION + CLOSED by Grypwolf Combo of four + AUCTION + CLOSED :icongrypwolf:Grypwolf 1,331 158 stiletto sharp by stylechameleon stiletto sharp :iconstylechameleon:stylechameleon 219 7
Woah Baby - Matt Murdock x Reader
    There wasn't anything else you wanted to do right now. You were in paradise. Your head rested on Matt's chest and his arm was wrapped securely around your waist. Your legs were intertwined with Matt's and your arm was wrapped around his waist. Matt was playing with your hair, making small little braids. It was routine to do this every morning before you two even thought of getting out of bed. Just some basic cuddle time.
    You were so deep in thought that you didn't hear someone knocking on the door. Matt patted your back, "Someone's knocking at the door."
    You shrugged, "Let them knock."    
    Matt chuckled, kissing your forehead. "It's Karen."
    You sighed, sitting up. You got off the bed and put your robe on. "I'm gonna go see what she wants." You said, making your way over to the door.
    Karen was about to knock again when you opened the door. The first thing your
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Hero Hospital by CuttingRoom Hero Hospital :iconcuttingroom:CuttingRoom 2,103 359 Daredevil by phil-cho Daredevil :iconphil-cho:phil-cho 1,346 56 Sideshow: DareDevil by FabianMonk Sideshow: DareDevil :iconfabianmonk:FabianMonk 1,526 91 Daredevil by ladynlmda Daredevil :iconladynlmda:ladynlmda 923 36 TH's Spider-Man: Webhead 2.0 by Tigerhawk01 TH's Spider-Man: Webhead 2.0 :icontigerhawk01:Tigerhawk01 755 71 Black Cat - Long night by FioreSofen Black Cat - Long night :iconfioresofen:FioreSofen 610 59 Daredevil by sean-izaakse Daredevil :iconsean-izaakse:sean-izaakse 1,127 77 The Black Widow by The-Cosplay-Scion The Black Widow :iconthe-cosplay-scion:The-Cosplay-Scion 406 52
I'll Be Here To Catch You - Matt Murdock x Reader
Warning: Deals with heavy topics such as depression, suicidal thoughts and other. Please read the description if you or anyone you know is dealing with something like this. You are not alone. <3
    You didn't always feel this way. It started out of nowhere really. There was no real cause to it. You had an amazing life but you still felt like shit. You stared up at the ceiling, dark circles rimmed your eyes. You felt weak and constantly tired but you just couldn't sleep.
    You glanced at Matt who was sleeping peacefully. Sometimes you were glad that he couldn't see, it meant his eyes would never know how awful you really looked. You knew you weren't ugly but when you looked in the mirror, the girl that stared back wasn't you. You hated her. The dull eyes, the messy hair, the constant frown, the pale skin, just everything about her.
    You remembered
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Daredevil #25 by ZurdoM Daredevil #25 :iconzurdom:ZurdoM 1,299 53 Wolverine And The X-Men 7 Cover by MahmudAsrar Wolverine And The X-Men 7 Cover :iconmahmudasrar:MahmudAsrar 398 22 DAREDEVIL + ELEKTRA, colors by AdamWarren DAREDEVIL + ELEKTRA, colors :iconadamwarren:AdamWarren 1,167 96 The Man Without Fear by PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu The Man Without Fear :iconphotoshopismykung-fu:PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu 905 159 Daredevil Commission by rafaelalbuquerqueart Daredevil Commission :iconrafaelalbuquerqueart:rafaelalbuquerqueart 951 60 Sketch 19:Daredevil-BlackWidow by Cinar Sketch 19:Daredevil-BlackWidow :iconcinar:Cinar 611 53
Hair - Matt Murdock x Reader
"How do you shave?" (Y/N) asks, running a comb through Matt's damp hair. His head rests in her lap, enjoying the sensation of her fingers and comb running through his hair.
"That one's trickier than combing my hair." He replies, listening to the sound of her heartbeat racing. The smell of her perfume was powerful but subtle.
"You're lucky that I'm around to help out when I can."
Matt smiles. "I am very grateful for that."
She smiles to herself. "At least I won't do a Foggy where I don't tell you that your shirt is inside out."
"I walked around wearing it that way the entire day."
She laughs. "I know. The looks that you were getting were hilarious, but they died down when most of them realised that you were blind."
"Yet they still didn't say anything."
"They didn't want to be rude."
(Y/N) lifts his head up a little and begins to brush the back of his hair.
"Okay, another question. How do you tie your shoes?"
"All of my shoes are slip on," He replies. "And if you're wondering how I tie m
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Death Battle: Daredevil vs. Kenshi

Ray: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's settle this debate once and for all.
Steel: It's time for a BLIND DEATH BATTLE!!!
Hell's Kitchen
The blaring of multiple car horns...
The smell of humid air, likely from a coming storm...
The taste of exhaust and secondhand smoke...
The cold night breeze on skin...
These were what made up the world of the infamous Devil of Hell's Kitchen. They helped him perceive the world around him, for one of the five human senses couldn't do so and hadn't since he was a kid.
The Devil of Hell's Kitchen, unbeknownst to many, was blind. Strangely enough, when he lost his eyesight so many years ago, he found ways to see the world like he never had before...but at a cost. Before, the world was it was pitch-dark save for deep-orange outlines of solid objects, like the world itself was on fire.
This "Daredevil" was a tall and well-built man, clad in a suit the color of old blood. His
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Loki x Reader: The Children Come to Visit
The tower had been quiet for a large portion of the day. Each member of the Avengers seemed to find themselves occupied with one thing or another but there was one associate of the team who found himself pacing endlessly as worry and many other emotions began to fill him to the brim. This man was Loki Laufeyson.
His brother Thor watched with mild amusement as his brother troubled himself over something that was incredibly simple. You see, Loki Laufeyson was the father of quite a few children. He loved him all but he had somehow convinced himself that you, the absolute love of his life and long time girlfriend, would not only hate him for having kids already but leave him as well if you found out about it. Every scenario that played in his mind ended up with a heartbroken Loki chasing after you and with you wanting nothing to do with him. He didn't want that; he wouldn't know what he would do if you ever left his side and he always tried his hardest to insure that would never happened.
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Charging Death by AonikaArt Charging Death :iconaonikaart:AonikaArt 1,321 101 Black Widow by Giorgiacosplay Black Widow :icongiorgiacosplay:Giorgiacosplay 5,561 466 Elektra by MahmudAsrar Elektra :iconmahmudasrar:MahmudAsrar 905 55 Elektra by Elias-Chatzoudis Elektra :iconelias-chatzoudis:Elias-Chatzoudis 279 5
Daredevil: Man Without Fear

DAREDEVIL: Man Without Fear
:icondeevelliott: DeevElliott
:iconuncannyknack: uncannyknack
Hell’s Kitchen in New York City was a pretty rough place
Like many areas of the city in the 1950s and 1960s, poverty gave way to hardship which in turn created crime. The New York of that time period would be unimaginable to people only familiar with today’s Disneyland–inspired Times Square. But back then things were tough.
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BLACK WIDOW - NATASHA ROMANOVA by Giorgiacosplay BLACK WIDOW - NATASHA ROMANOVA :icongiorgiacosplay:Giorgiacosplay 2,035 180 Devil in the Kitchen by ChasingArtwork Devil in the Kitchen :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 1,903 36 Marvel Ultimate Alliance SD-c by DRa90NBoi Marvel Ultimate Alliance SD-c :icondra90nboi:DRa90NBoi 917 150 It's cool to be a superhero by Giorgiacosplay It's cool to be a superhero :icongiorgiacosplay:Giorgiacosplay 328 28 Sketch 32 : Daredevil by Cinar Sketch 32 : Daredevil :iconcinar:Cinar 741 53 Elektra red dangerous ninja by Giorgiacosplay Elektra red dangerous ninja :icongiorgiacosplay:Giorgiacosplay 365 21 Robin by Shadowgrail Robin :iconshadowgrail:Shadowgrail 850 55 Comicbook Wallpapers 2 by artlambi Comicbook Wallpapers 2 :iconartlambi:artlambi 300 33
Colliding Hearts [Matt Murdock x Blind!Reader]
When [y/n] was eleven, she and her family (mother, father, younger sister and older brother) got into a horrible car accident. The car would have went over the bridge if it weren't for the brave citizens that helped to stop it rolling. From that day on, [y/n] always hated semi trucks and their drivers.
The rest of her family died that day...but she was sitting in the middle of the backseat and received eyes full of glass shards from the windshield, blinding her for life. Ever since then, she has trained her other senses to become stronger than ever before.
Present, Reader
You live alone in New York City, ever since you left the foster home in Ohio at 18.
Tell me that you turned down the man
Who asked for your hand
'Cause you're waiting for me
And I know, you're gonna be away a while
But I've got no plans at all to leave
And would you take away my hopes and dreams and just stay with me?

With four sharp senses, you turn into an alley way, tapping your walkin
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Daredevil Redesign by yifanjiang Daredevil Redesign :iconyifanjiang:yifanjiang 270 11 Sketch Collection part 3! by DaveRapoza Sketch Collection part 3! :icondaverapoza:DaveRapoza 1,401 63 Black Widow and Daredevil by Timetravel6000v2 Black Widow and Daredevil :icontimetravel6000v2:Timetravel6000v2 186 30 Elektra Cosplay -  Assassin by Yukilefay Elektra Cosplay - Assassin :iconyukilefay:Yukilefay 555 82