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Unit With Soul (LegionXReader) OneShot

A soft tapping sound came from the door of Mordin's Lab, though he shared it with (F/N) who was considered 'Medically Unstable'. The Salarian didn't hear the noise, as he was busy in his work, but (F/N) with her cat like scenes heard it clear as day. However she was a bit confused by the sound. Normally the only one that visited was Shepard and he would simply walk in, who could be knocking? Waiting to see if the sound came again she continued to sit on her cot patently with ears standing on edge. Again she heard it, though this time much louder bringing Mordin out of his studies.
"Not expecting visitor. Perhaps Shepard? No, would simply walk in. Garrus needing help with scars? No, would go to Dr. Chakwas. Thane needing treatment? No-no, had last treatment yesterday..." He talked to himself out loud while making his way to open the door, he often did this and most of the Normandy's crew had grown accustom to it. (F/N) watched each move to took,
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