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Truth or Dare Canada x Reader
Alfred,your friend since the beginning of high school,was once again dragging you by the arm,not hard, but enough over to his house for another "wicked kick-butt party!" as he called them. Yes they were a blast,but you knew that his step brother Matthew was gonna be there,and lately you've grown to have a crush on the little Canadian.
He was so shy and sweet,smelling like maple syrup. Only problem was he was too quiet. Even his own brother would forget him. You wouldnt ever though. And you made sure Alfred didn't forget this Canadian's birthday either.
"________,c'mon dude! this is gonna be the sickest party yet! I planned it all myself for Mattew!" Alfred says,pulling you into the boys' house,already set up in red and white. You smiled to yourself. Mattie was going to flip, all this for him. "it looks good Al"
"Ahahahaha!" His hero laugh always made you giggle,  but you quickly turned to the door as everyone else came in,saying their "hi's" in they're native languages. Every
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BTLG- Curl Misunderstandings - Greece x Reader
You woke up to a strange grumble. Then *POW!*
The ground around you shook; it shook so hard that your teeth rattled.
In shock you sat straight up.
Then another earthquake hit! *GRRR!*
You saw a huge shadow loom over you and once you looked up, it took a moment for you to realize some ruins were about to fall on top of you!
One of the huge columns fell toward you. “EEEK!” you screeched. In a split second, your body was launched to move.
Your poor palms had its skin shaved off as you escaped the falling columns. You then burst onto your feet and ran!
‘Where the hell am I?!’ you mentally bellowed. Your eyes scanned the place as you ran.
Ruins littered everywhere showing you were at some type of lost, crumbling city. The strangest thing was that a lot of these ruins resembled the ones in Greece.
“Could it really be-?!” You were cut off mid-sent
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