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To That Era, A Flower Funeral by Nyanfood To That Era, A Flower Funeral :iconnyanfood:Nyanfood 2,189 112 Islamic Headscaves by ArsalanKhanArtist Islamic Headscaves :iconarsalankhanartist:ArsalanKhanArtist 215 38 Pop Culture Dogs by Risachantag Pop Culture Dogs :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 3,433 349 Boris Airay by 821GoThIc-VAMPIRE Boris Airay :icon821gothic-vampire:821GoThIc-VAMPIRE 787 170 Brush Pack - Japanese Floral by iMouritsa Brush Pack - Japanese Floral :iconimouritsa:iMouritsa 1,326 103 Wrathful Soul by Maquenda Wrathful Soul :iconmaquenda:Maquenda 249 4 Brush Pack - Bamboo by iMouritsa Brush Pack - Bamboo :iconimouritsa:iMouritsa 886 85 tutorial origami: kunai by mahou-no-omamori tutorial origami: kunai :iconmahou-no-omamori:mahou-no-omamori 542 81 Neo Tokyo III by AnthonyPresley Neo Tokyo III :iconanthonypresley:AnthonyPresley 441 13 Stag Spirit by Maquenda Stag Spirit :iconmaquenda:Maquenda 213 5 Tank Girl Nail Art by KayleighOC Tank Girl Nail Art :iconkayleighoc:KayleighOC 741 65 Cosmopolitan Curiosity by Sirilu Cosmopolitan Curiosity :iconsirilu:Sirilu 517 86
Fantasy Species and Culture Questionnare
Culture/Species Name
~ Race
o Appearance
* Are they humanoid? {the following questions assume they are}
* What is their build; how tall or short, muscular or fat are they?
* Do they have fur or hair? Where?
* What color is their hair/fur?
* What texture/type is their hair/fur?
* Do they have wings, gills, et cetera; if so, what are they like?
* What are their feet like?
* What are their hands like?
* What is their face like?
* What color is their skin?
* What color is/are their eye/eyes?
* Do they dye their fur/get tattoos; are they born with patterns?
* Do they have tails; if so, what are they like?
o Age
* What are the stages of life?
* When can they walk?
* When can they talk?
* When do they go through puberty?
* When are they fully developed?
* When are they considered adult?
* When are they considered elderly?
* How long can they live?
* Does this culture have the concept of adolescence?
o Gender
* What is the physical difference between men and women?
o Physical
* What are their
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