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PE: CSS3 101 - Color Gradients

Table of Contents:
This article contains two major topics of Gradients:
1. Linear-Gradient :dalogo:
Vertical :dalogo:
Horizontal :dalogo:
Diagonal :dalogo:
Angled :dalogo:
Repeating-Linear-Gradient :dalogo:
2. Radial-Gradient :dalogo:
Repeating-Radial-Gradient :dalogo:
Supported by:
Firefox 16+
Chrome 26+
Safari 5.1+
Internet Explorer 10+
Opera 12.1+
What are Gradients?
A color gradient, in terms of comp
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CSS Tricks: Before and After!
No, this is not about a tv show in which I take a CSS and make it prettier ;)
It is about the pseudo-elements ::before and ::after.
They are similiar for example to the :hover element, meaning that it is not necessary (or possible) to add them to the HTML, but can be controlled purely by writing CSS. They are always there, but whether they are visible depends on whether you code them or not.
::before and ::after are almost self-explanatory pseudo-elements. They define what happens either before or after a regular HTML element. They can be applied to any element.
Let's get right going!
So in the first simple example we are going to add guillemets, also known as French quotation marks, to direct speech in our text. The usefulness of this may stand to debate, you could easily just type it out, but it is a nice and easy way to get started with explaining ::before and ::after.
We will take advantage of the i HTML class fo
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PE: CSS3 101 - Transition Animations

Table of Contents
This article has four main topics:
Transition-property :dalogo: |
Transition-duration :dalogo: |
Transition-timing-function :dalogo: |
Transition-delay :dalogo: |
:dalogo: - Works in dA for All Members
:dalogo: - Doesn't work in dA for Premium Members
- Works in dA for Alpha Testers at :devdevbug:
What is a Transition?
This time, I'll explain with an example. Let's take this awesome emote  by jahw.
When I see that emote, I'm imagining it saying "CHAAAARGE!" and running forward! So I want to make the emote do that, but instead of opening it up in Photoshop to animate (which I'm not allowed to do anyway since it's not my work), I'm just going to add a simple code that will do the animation for me! Hover over the emote below to see this magic in action!
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