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Phone Guy (Phil Anderson) X Reader - Coworkers
Phone Guy (Phil Anderson) X Reader
You had gotten a summer job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. You were told you were working the night shift there. The pay was good 120 dollars a week. You were a bit late and you walked into the pizzeria at 12:15 wearing your night guard uniform and hat. You had put your (H/L ) (H/C) into a ponytail. You walked into the office you were directed to go and saw someone already in the office, a tablet in hand, sitting in a chair. He looked a bit cute, he was tallish, maybe 5'11, dark brown hair, slightly tanned skin,  light blue eyes, and a slight stubble.
"Um, hello?" you said, causing your co-worker to jump.
"Oh, thank god you're not a robot!" he said with a sigh of relief.
"Robot? You mean, those things out there actually move?" you asked in reply.
The man nodded, "Y-yeah, well um, anyways, my name is Phil, Phil Anderson. I take it you're my coworker?" he asked with a smile, holding his hand out to you for you to shake. You shook his much larger han
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Co-Workers 3
Black: Knock it off, Iris!
Iris: Just admit it.  You love “Prez”, don’t you?  I’m sure she feels the same way.
Black: Will you just stop?!
Iris: “Oh Prez~  I finally realized I that I have loved you for so long~ But I’m afraid our relationship cannot work as long as I am your employee.” “I love you too, Black!  I don’t care if you are my representative.  Just once call me ‘White’.”
Black became flustered and frustrated as he watched Iris act out fantasies between him and White.
Black: Will you just leave me alone?!
Iris: Don’t worry.  I promise I would never come between you and “Prez”.  :heart:
Meanwhile, a trainer with an Emolga roosting on her shoulder watches the scene and approaches them.  Iris notices the trainer and smiles before running away.  Watching her flee, Black believes he was the one who managed to chase Iris away.
Suddenly the Emolga Trainer poked Bla
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