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404 Error! File Corrupted by cartoonjunkie 404 Error! File Corrupted :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 3,917 456 Corrupted Cynder Custom Plush by Nazegoreng Corrupted Cynder Custom Plush :iconnazegoreng:Nazegoreng 2,975 279 homm6 Sarah by rawwad homm6 Sarah :iconrawwad:rawwad 1,786 33 Corrupted Angel by Eemeling Corrupted Angel :iconeemeling:Eemeling 586 29 Sister of Slaanesh by jasperavent Sister of Slaanesh :iconjasperavent:jasperavent 485 32 Corrupted crystal gems by FloofHips Corrupted crystal gems :iconfloofhips:FloofHips 415 65 Hail Nurgle by Aerozopher Hail Nurgle :iconaerozopher:Aerozopher 821 219 Corrupted Crystal Gems by aternova Corrupted Crystal Gems :iconaternova:aternova 527 94 Two Face by jameszapata Two Face :iconjameszapata:jameszapata 1,614 86 Torture by TD-Vice Torture :icontd-vice:TD-Vice 239 74 Corrupted by kittysophie Corrupted :iconkittysophie:kittysophie 1,033 85 [A] - Corrupted Quartzes (Closed) by FloofHips [A] - Corrupted Quartzes (Closed) :iconfloofhips:FloofHips 255 29 Corrupted Throne by HippyHoudini Corrupted Throne :iconhippyhoudini:HippyHoudini 1,347 39 Pre DW 5 entry by yigitkoroglu Pre DW 5 entry :iconyigitkoroglu:yigitkoroglu 1,777 159 SOMBRA WINS by RainbowDrool SOMBRA WINS :iconrainbowdrool:RainbowDrool 721 228 Anguish by jflaxman Anguish :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 518 73 remember what you are by MetaDragonArt remember what you are :iconmetadragonart:MetaDragonArt 1,032 339 1/365 - Corrupt kingdom by snatti89 1/365 - Corrupt kingdom :iconsnatti89:snatti89 518 45 Infected Warrior by Carpet-Crawler Infected Warrior :iconcarpet-crawler:Carpet-Crawler 460 141 MLP Species: Hell Hands by TheFallingpiano MLP Species: Hell Hands :iconthefallingpiano:TheFallingpiano 253 54 Pinkie's Best Night Ever by SorcerusHorserus Pinkie's Best Night Ever :iconsorcerushorserus:SorcerusHorserus 1,898 834 The Corrupted by Pyramiddhead The Corrupted :iconpyramiddhead:Pyramiddhead 396 70 Pile on the cores by Gimeurcookie Pile on the cores :icongimeurcookie:Gimeurcookie 2,036 240 Samus Aran - Behind the visor by Yukilefay Samus Aran - Behind the visor :iconyukilefay:Yukilefay 732 95 Nightmare Moon by Earthsong9405 Nightmare Moon :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 1,443 167 Demon lady by byakko-kun Demon lady :iconbyakko-kun:byakko-kun 222 7 [C] - Corrupted Iris Agate by FloofHips [C] - Corrupted Iris Agate :iconfloofhips:FloofHips 263 15 Sir Artorias the Abyss Walker by LordHayabusa357 Sir Artorias the Abyss Walker :iconlordhayabusa357:LordHayabusa357 1,626 53 Glitch by LEKKER Glitch :iconlekker:LEKKER 170 1 [C] - Corrupted Moss Agate by FloofHips [C] - Corrupted Moss Agate :iconfloofhips:FloofHips 245 17 An Exceptional Pony by jflaxman An Exceptional Pony :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 258 78 The Last Kiss: Goodbye samurai by Filika The Last Kiss: Goodbye samurai :iconfilika:Filika 827 145 Halo 4 Corrupted Spartan Soldier by Jin-Saotome Halo 4 Corrupted Spartan Soldier :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 450 75 Bi-Bro and Liz by KageRott Bi-Bro and Liz :iconkagerott:KageRott 1,896 272 Keeper of the Nature - pre DWV by AlexanderExorcist Keeper of the Nature - pre DWV :iconalexanderexorcist:AlexanderExorcist 212 33 Lost Childhood by faustsketcher Lost Childhood :iconfaustsketcher:faustsketcher 1,318 56 Pain | Pre Dominance War V Final by Sephiroth-Art Pain | Pre Dominance War V Final :iconsephiroth-art:Sephiroth-Art 2,266 208 Fluttershy Corrupted by WhiteDiamondsLtd Fluttershy Corrupted :iconwhitediamondsltd:WhiteDiamondsLtd 1,549 188 Wheeley by Bonka-chan Wheeley :iconbonka-chan:Bonka-chan 901 56 [C] - Corrupted Botswana Agate by FloofHips [C] - Corrupted Botswana Agate :iconfloofhips:FloofHips 266 18
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It was over, it was finally over. Sailor Moon the once average teenaged girl breathed hard as it took all her strength to stand up. After everything she had been through it was over with at last as Queen Beryl was finally destroyed and no more.
She plopped down on her butt and slowly smiled throwing out a victory sign as they had won. The girl who had her hair in a meatball fashion never believed that all this would’ve happened. Learning who she really was, her past life, meeting up with the others who became her best friends and closest companions. All the battles and fights that had happened was finally over. Now she could go back to being a regular high school student who’s main concern was boys and an upcoming algebra test.
“Serena,” A voice said and she turned her head and her smile grew and her eyes lit up as she saw the group before her approaching her.
“Guys!” She shouted pulling herself up and ran towards them and engulfed them all at once i
:iconsaiyanwarrior002:SaiyanWarrior002 80 8
f_ll circle by drak f_ll circle :icondrak:drak 1,991 97 Warhammer Fantasy/40k - Great Unclean One by GetsugaDante Warhammer Fantasy/40k - Great Unclean One :icongetsugadante:GetsugaDante 356 78 Corrupted Twilycorn by Stickaroo Corrupted Twilycorn :iconstickaroo:Stickaroo 918 208 Phazon Corrupted Samus 2 by Yukilefay Phazon Corrupted Samus 2 :iconyukilefay:Yukilefay 293 40 Corrupted Homeworld Gems by aternova Corrupted Homeworld Gems :iconaternova:aternova 260 59 Lord of the Flies Room Guardian FOR AUCTION! by AnyaBoz Lord of the Flies Room Guardian FOR AUCTION! :iconanyaboz:AnyaBoz 287 33 Crowned with chaos by DamaiMikaz Crowned with chaos :icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 7,727 942 [C] - Corrupted Anyolite by FloofHips [C] - Corrupted Anyolite :iconfloofhips:FloofHips 266 12