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The White Hand Sprite by QueenKami The White Hand Sprite :iconqueenkami:QueenKami 824 750 My Heart Ticks by monsterkookies My Heart Ticks :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 4,384 784 The Official Reference Sheet of Sergals - Part 1 by mick39 The Official Reference Sheet of Sergals - Part 1 :iconmick39:mick39 279 12 Tutorial: Basic drawing tips by Red-Priest-Usada Tutorial: Basic drawing tips :iconred-priest-usada:Red-Priest-Usada 6,665 263 Yes We Can by NaBHaN Yes We Can :iconnabhan:NaBHaN 2,118 60
NEW 100 drawing challenge
100 (Animaniacs) drawings challenge
This is something like "100 drawings challenge" but this is especially for Animaniacs fans!
There is 100 themes and you have to draw 100 pictures and all of them will contain always one from the themes.
If you want to finish the whole 100 drawings challenge, you have to finish all 100 pictures >8D
> Put this challenge list somewhere on your page or in your journal, so people will know about it, or put a link to this original thing
> You can use any program you want for making pictures
> The pictures must NOT be copied or stolen
> Pictures must comply with DA rules
> If your pictures will contain also characters of others, credit them
> You're allowed to draw anybody from the Animaniacs show. It means all official characters.
> You can use also your own OCs
> Characters can be drawn in your own style (not only in Animaniacs style) and you have no need to draw Animaniacs (it can be whatever you want), but so
:iconangi-shy:Angi-Shy 1,780 118
it implodes on the walls of your skull
and slides, sickly
off your tongue
like the body of a slug.
when it hits the floor
it is not quiet,
not heavy
nor dull
but sharp as a slap
and totters out of
the room
they are disgusting
and you are ill.
there is no more room
for regret,
washed away by the slime
coming out of your pores.
the fault is yours
:iconwei-en:wei-en 285 134
WoW Race Comparison Chart by mamasaurus WoW Race Comparison Chart :iconmamasaurus:mamasaurus 1,165 192 Digitigrade Leg Reference by sugarpoultry Digitigrade Leg Reference :iconsugarpoultry:sugarpoultry 730 38 Love Is Key - Front by monsterkookies Love Is Key - Front :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 890 100 Angel in Rest. Color correct. by ardentfem Angel in Rest. Color correct. :iconardentfem:ardentfem 641 129
You're Not A Poet
You’re not a poet because of strung words
Together on row upon row again
Of blank verse or perhaps liberal rhyme.
‘Slam’ all you want, other poets wonder;
Your ignorance of couplets a blunder?
Yes! I speak harshly, but it’s no gross crime,
To point with honesty failed verse of thine.
No real poet discards upper case words;
Lets prose crawl on paper like listless worms.
You seek to free verse of those stern letters,
Sever away bleak capital fetters,
But it doesn’t sing of great speech sublime,
Rather, it sneaks of writing in spare time.
Wait! before you throw me in the icy Rhine;
It’s hard to put verse together in rhyme,
To make our dull words sound great all the time,
Hear them ring out loud, like a clear clock’s chime,
Heralding a poet’s summer prime.
Yet the sacred muses weep at your crime;
Your pentameter mangled thick like slime,
The subject not gilded in raiment fine;
Your bold ink font, crystal waters divine
Tastes bitter to the ton
:iconw-lupus:W-Lupus 223 192
References, they do a body good: Female part 1 by Spork- References, they do a body good: Female part 1 :iconspork-:Spork- 1,164 41 Industrial Heart Number Six by monsterkookies Industrial Heart Number Six :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 419 73 Heart of the Ocean - Front by monsterkookies Heart of the Ocean - Front :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 568 66 Barbed Rosette - Painted Rose by monsterkookies Barbed Rosette - Painted Rose :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 339 66 Paper Professor Layton + Luke by pettyartist Paper Professor Layton + Luke :iconpettyartist:pettyartist 1,886 195 My Endearing - Front by monsterkookies My Endearing - Front :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 266 58
Nudity and Sex: Deal with it
Here's a suggestion:
Stop treating sex and nudity as taboo or risqué and accept it as a normal and natural part of who we are as a species. Let's put away the old ideologies of shame and ignorance and progress ourselves by showing a level of maturity about these mundane and common facts. Society needs to stop acting like a adolescent (i.e. thinking with one's genitalia) regarding the subjects of nudity and sex. Clothes service a vital purpose in our lives -protection from the elements, our environment, breast shag, and the sight of obese and elderly body-types; economic growth and marketing; social statements; the discrete transport of weapons, explosives, and contraband; etc.- but the lack thereof should not be cause for alarm or disgust (in most cases). Maturity in dealing with these natural traits should be a hallmark of our sentient and cognitive existence. Reason drives us to advance beyond our current lackluster approach and reach a state where such trivial things no longer matte
:iconosyris:osyris 47 85
Stitched Fusion - Front by monsterkookies Stitched Fusion - Front :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 604 114 Misc - Dragon skeleton by Peet-B Misc - Dragon skeleton :iconpeet-b:Peet-B 707 46 Hot-Pink and Purple Veins by monsterkookies Hot-Pink and Purple Veins :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 551 98 Commission: tropical and natural (EDITED) by Asfahani Commission: tropical and natural (EDITED) :iconasfahani:Asfahani 927 74 Internal Mechanism by monsterkookies Internal Mechanism :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 215 71 Earth + Water by monsterkookies Earth + Water :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 536 94 Stitched Together by monsterkookies Stitched Together :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 456 66 Chromium by monsterkookies Chromium :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 407 85 Realistic Cat Creator .:Beta:. by Paleclaw Realistic Cat Creator .:Beta:. :iconpaleclaw:Paleclaw 1,253 479 Fawn - Front by monsterkookies Fawn - Front :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 311 28 Rainbow Sprinkled Heart by monsterkookies Rainbow Sprinkled Heart :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 330 102 To every parent who sees this by demitasse-lover To every parent who sees this :icondemitasse-lover:demitasse-lover 2,251 375 Which Wire? by monsterkookies Which Wire? :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 288 146 Shalom - Front by monsterkookies Shalom - Front :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 557 80 The Engineer by monsterkookies The Engineer :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 256 19 Manufacturing Flora by monsterkookies Manufacturing Flora :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 1,122 100 Cosmos - Purple Hue by monsterkookies Cosmos - Purple Hue :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 157 13 Weighted Companion Heart by monsterkookies Weighted Companion Heart :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 863 93 Bleach Motivational Poster 34 by Greg-the-HedgeSSJ Bleach Motivational Poster 34 :icongreg-the-hedgessj:Greg-the-HedgeSSJ 810 174 Mobile Suit Gundam: Earth UC 0083 by mdc01957 Mobile Suit Gundam: Earth UC 0083 :iconmdc01957:mdc01957 78 83 Black Human Heart - Evolved by monsterkookies Black Human Heart - Evolved :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 205 29 Antique Brass Anatomical Heart by monsterkookies Antique Brass Anatomical Heart :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 195 58 Cervine Hand Anatomy Study by RussellTuller Cervine Hand Anatomy Study :iconrusselltuller:RussellTuller 389 26
Save the Boob-plate!
The reason for making this journal entry is because there is something that has been on my mind since the past three months. And not on my mind alone as it seems more artists are confronted with the same thing I'm about to say. While in most cases time dissipates the issue in my mind this time it is something that keeps bugging me over and over again to a point it irritates the hell out of me. Afterall it is a hot topic that has gone completely viral for many months now.
This journal entry is all about judgmental journalism, offended-by-design opinionators and the fearsome white knights that the first two bring in its wake. Surely this is something that has existed since the first written word on the internet, and for as long men could express their thoughts behind a pseudonym charade.
Recent events and a large exposure to unhealthy criticism had gotten me thinking and checking with my fellow artists. I'm sure people will say that as an artist we should learn how to deal with harsh and
:iconorogion:orogion 164 385
Rapture by monsterkookies Rapture :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 312 47 A Disastrous Picnic by jflaxman A Disastrous Picnic :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 147 10 Alluring Monstrosity by monsterkookies Alluring Monstrosity :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 772 93 Ahsoka Tano Nude Slave on Zygerria by jvcustoms Ahsoka Tano Nude Slave on Zygerria :iconjvcustoms:jvcustoms 174 10
The Grammar Gangsters
Beware the grammar gangsters!
The mafia of the literary underworld.
They saunter into stanzas,
Weapons concealed
Under their trench coats
Or in violin cases.
They can make you talk,
"With just a few well-placed speech marks,"
Leave you shouting! Where you should have whispered!
And pulp your bold statements into quavering questions?
They can, pepper, your, phrases with, commas,
Or bring your piece to a dead.
They'll trap you (between brackets)
As you - dash - to the exit.
Then: punch a blunted colon
Into the gut of your text
Or worse;
Force-feed you a poisonous semicolon,
Then hack/slash your work to shreds.
The grammar gangsters
Never leave survivors.
Readers discover the victims
In the back alleys of the library,
Left unfinished,
In a tommy-gun ellipsis...
:iconcyberphantom:CyberPhantom 683 506
Princess Celestia Recolor by noelle23 Princess Celestia Recolor :iconnoelle23:noelle23 268 140 Poisoned Heart by Rodrigo-Vega Poisoned Heart :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 480 33