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Falling Out by kcday Falling Out :iconkcday:kcday 1,162 106 LEGO  Gaster Blaster by ProfMadness LEGO Gaster Blaster :iconprofmadness:ProfMadness 191 29 tv on grass. by thespook tv on grass. :iconthespook:thespook 258 61 N Harmonia by gaarachaosqueen N Harmonia :icongaarachaosqueen:gaarachaosqueen 423 20 ..::When you feel nothing::.. by Yosia82 ..::When you feel nothing::.. :iconyosia82:Yosia82 438 43 Alucard by MIKELopez Alucard :iconmikelopez:MIKELopez 349 61 The Ultimate Lifeform: Chaos Power by RealSonicSpeed The Ultimate Lifeform: Chaos Power :iconrealsonicspeed:RealSonicSpeed 75 7 Shadow Chaos Blast... by LucarioShirona Shadow Chaos Blast... :iconlucarioshirona:LucarioShirona 222 26 Max Miller - Painting by Lasse17 Max Miller - Painting :iconlasse17:Lasse17 64 25 [DragonBall] Kale Ssj in new Broly outfit by MrSawyer10 [DragonBall] Kale Ssj in new Broly outfit :iconmrsawyer10:MrSawyer10 105 0 board controll by PotEe board controll :iconpotee:PotEe 51 49 LEGO   GLaDOS by ProfMadness LEGO GLaDOS :iconprofmadness:ProfMadness 79 10
The App-Collar TG
I was walking down the street with my girlfriend, her name was Miki, and she asked me out during the second semester of university. She seemed to be a bright girl; she was getting over the average mark of the other students in her Computer Programmer. I was type of person who would draw art and fiddle with animation programs but knew nothing about programming. Recently, she seemed down a bit and started playing with her apps on her iPod. I tried to ask her what was wrong but she says that she is fine. Today, she was completely ignoring me as we walked around. "What's wrong? And don't give me that fake crap that you're all right." I was standing my ground with this statement. Miki's head tilted down. "Well…" She muttered. Her head suddenly looked up at me. "I got addicted to playing apps on the iPod, then I wanted to start programming games by myself and see if they worked or not." I was a bit puzzled; my mind had a quick flash back. Whenever I went to her house, she would always b
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[gift] Controll me by mutatedeye [gift] Controll me :iconmutatedeye:mutatedeye 106 14 Red Ribbon Bunny by Rosvo Red Ribbon Bunny :iconrosvo:Rosvo 738 37 Domyenn. by Vicky-Pandora Domyenn. :iconvicky-pandora:Vicky-Pandora 85 3 Famicom Controller by luigihann Famicom Controller :iconluigihann:luigihann 51 27 Kas Captured by Rosvo Kas Captured :iconrosvo:Rosvo 1,715 117 Petting Zoo by Rosvo Petting Zoo :iconrosvo:Rosvo 527 28 Gwen Control by Rosvo Gwen Control :iconrosvo:Rosvo 2,175 84 A Thief and Trojan-Bot by Rosvo A Thief and Trojan-Bot :iconrosvo:Rosvo 754 37 a angry Cat and a happy Cat by Rosvo a angry Cat and a happy Cat :iconrosvo:Rosvo 688 43 get a wetsuit 08 - final by Rosvo get a wetsuit 08 - final :iconrosvo:Rosvo 667 144