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A Woman Can - HetaliaxReader
A Woman Can
Headcanon warning: The headcanon I used is that the nations are capable of changing their genders if they want too or are in the mood too. Like, France can turn into a girl, and Hungary can turn into a boy. But they have certain genders that they feel more comfortable in, and tend to stay in that gender./

A little known fact about World Meetings that took place before the modern feminist movement - that began in the 19th and early 20th centuries - was that they didn't allow women into the room. Or at least, they didn't allow the countries who identified as being girls to be in their female forms in the meetings. 
Well, they did allow countries to stay in their female forms during the meetings, but they were expected to either serve the men drinks and snacks, or just sit there, look pretty, and be quiet while the men discussed their problems like the rational, intelligent beings that they were.
Yeah, right. (Name) thought b
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