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Commitment by EliseEnchanted Commitment :iconeliseenchanted:EliseEnchanted 1,002 61 Taken Stamp by angelslain Taken Stamp :iconangelslain:angelslain 471 139 Heal Pulse by BluuKiss Heal Pulse :iconbluukiss:BluuKiss 237 41 World Tears - last commitment by gallant11101110 World Tears - last commitment :icongallant11101110:gallant11101110 215 5 IHEART14TH4EVA by SlurEXE IHEART14TH4EVA :iconslurexe:SlurEXE 466 79 First Things First by MissLunaRose First Things First :iconmisslunarose:MissLunaRose 102 26
I am a magpie building a nest
on the rotten apple-core branch 
of a vine-choked tree:
constructing a castle 
with deft theft
from stranger's love letters;
from stained windows
broken irreverently 
by boys throwing stones;
and decorated with rusty watch faces 
that remind me of little old men,
but never of time.
It is a curious structure, 
woven together with care and caution tape,
the halls decked with heartstrings
that I held on too tightly,
that I pulled with a bit too much zeal.
I am taking my sweet time
with this domicile of mine,
because time is all I have
and all I do is waste it.
Even such a wasted life
might aspire to appear
aesthetically pleasing.
You are the bad penny that I keep picking up - 
but you don't shine anymore.
It has become a habit 
when I see you lying
face down in the road 
Then I forget the worst of you
and I.
It’s hard to recall,
who threw
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 52 33
Confined by Commitment by michellemonique Confined by Commitment :iconmichellemonique:michellemonique 599 68 contrast: a love story -animation- by dante224 contrast: a love story -animation- :icondante224:dante224 89 118 Fire by jslattum Fire :iconjslattum:jslattum 248 11 meer 2 by bonkspark meer 2 :iconbonkspark:bonkspark 225 85
Haiku Collection - Love and Friendship
A million miles
Is a distance I’d traverse
Just to hold your hand.
Your eyes sparkle like
Stars in the sky and glow like
Beacons in the night.
The world bears danger
That breathes down our brittle necks,
So I’ll be your shield.
Your love is worth more
Than any jeweler’s gem
And any noble’s gold.
Money can’t buy love;
Its influence falls short of
Unparalleled bonds.
Relations don’t come
From trees; they’re born as saplings
You must watch and grow.
Akin interests
Don’t measure friendships; rather
By bonds formed within.
Respect, loyalty,
Honesty and commitment
Bridge true connections.
Do not blindly fish
For friendship, just cast your lure
And reel in what bites.
:iconartsyambassadorart:ArtsyAmbassadorArt 25 10
It's impossible by MissLunaRose It's impossible :iconmisslunarose:MissLunaRose 166 46 Hey, Good-lookin' by Rookie425 Hey, Good-lookin' :iconrookie425:Rookie425 138 5 Inuyasha and Kagome - Stuck.3 by theNekk Inuyasha and Kagome - Stuck.3 :iconthenekk:theNekk 91 11 music by bonkspark music :iconbonkspark:bonkspark 291 118 The Joy Of Sleeping by Rhiallom The Joy Of Sleeping :iconrhiallom:Rhiallom 151 6 Soul commitment by eXoDuS1993 Soul commitment :iconexodus1993:eXoDuS1993 104 67 Ramadhan Mubarak 1431H by FaMz Ramadhan Mubarak 1431H :iconfamz:FaMz 71 56 Promises, Promises - 2011 by ToxicAlice92 Promises, Promises - 2011 :icontoxicalice92:ToxicAlice92 100 58 A Golden Heart by TeaPhotography A Golden Heart :iconteaphotography:TeaPhotography 191 83
Rebirth of the Dragon
The frantic pounding wakes me
Dust from my coffin falls down
Choking me tell all breath
Is a struggle to escape me
Clawing at the lid above me
Tearing away the protective padding
Breaking through the splintering wood
My heart starts to race a bit
Who is waking me from my sleep
Ripping me from he nightmare
That wrapped like a blanket
Around the torn fabric of my mind
Do I have the strength in me
To start this life once again
Her smile shines a blinding light
My decaying putrid flesh
Soaks up her healing rays
The sunken hollowed out eyes
Blink tears of new found life
A cold ripped up broken heart
Beats a single name repeatedly
The name I've always belonged to
She is the cure to my disease
The yellow sun to my dark night
Her love gives me strength
My body suddenly erupts
Leaving behind yesterdays struggle
Behind my love I reemerge
Claws and fangs of my dragon
Icy blue eyes filled with passion
Silky soft hair flowing in the wind
Pale milky skin of an Irishman
The cape once again hugging me
:icondisenchantednyght:disenchantednyght 123 7
Right direction by dinabelenko Right direction :icondinabelenko:dinabelenko 70 4 commitment by corniger-aries commitment :iconcorniger-aries:corniger-aries 132 21