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[Our Scandal] Erwin Smith X Reader -Oneshot-
So, first little thing before I start my challenges in attempt to extinguish this terrible writer’s block. It’s terrible >.> I don’t even know how I wrote this. But I did. So, I hope you enjoy.
**Disclaimer: I do NOT own Attack on Titan, the Characters, or the Reader!**

They were starting to notice, and you didn’t know what to do. After joining the Survey Corps you had began to change from the talkative, bombastic girl who wanted to help everyone to the reserved girl who blushed and looked at edge most of the day. The others had worried for you, fearing only the worst that might have happened to you. Had you been attacked? Had you been threatened? Did you get into trouble? The thoughts were going through their heads whenever they saw you pass by, hands stuffed into pristine white pant pockets, your (color) eyes towards the dirt crunching under your feet.
It wasn’t until one day during training that their suspicions changed directions. You
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