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APH - Swede
For Finland's 92nd birthday.
Meadow. Silence. Sun. Air. Su-san!
Ah, Su-san... That feeling which would never stop to silently slumber in Tino's whole body, waking up whenever he saw, heard, smelled, sensed, tasted or thought of Su-san (always). The feeling was so truly endearing.
This day was just perfect! It was him, the wet meadow and Su-san.
Wait... what were they doing in a wet meadow again...? They had something to do... but what was it? Were they just out for a walk? Ei... Tino couldn't feel his legs moving so that couldn't be it, or had he just stopped walking so that he stood there alone in some swamp? Maybe he was just standing in a meadow thinking that he was out with Su-san when he wasn't... Or worse; was he not in the meadow at all but still thought he was? Was he dreaming? Had someone drugged him? Tino didn't know! Where was he?! Why couldn't he escape from his head? Was--?
Tino blinked. Ah! He wasn't trapped in his
:iconquarkyfied:quarkyfied 8 85
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