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Baby Bones (Post-tale side comic) PG 48 by TrueWinterSpring Baby Bones (Post-tale side comic) PG 48 :icontruewinterspring:TrueWinterSpring 113 22 Dafne DressUp by sarakuan Dafne DressUp :iconsarakuan:sarakuan 721 306 Bad Ass Harry Potter by theartful-dodge Bad Ass Harry Potter :icontheartful-dodge:theartful-dodge 6,549 577
What Would You Do If...? Romano x Reader oneshot
"Now everyone go into a closet with your given partner, and you have as long as you want to fill with 'What would you do if?' questions! The first people to leave their closet will have a consequence to fill though!" America beamed, his cheeks red from being tipsy.
You shuddered. What was with this thrown together and terribly boring sounding game? It was obvious the American and many others in the room were drunk. It was his birthday, but still. Why the hell did you even come to this party? You sighed, glancing over at your given partner; a very pissed off Romano, who was rosy-cheeked himself.
That was why.
When you had heard that the Italian was coming, you had to restrain yourself from jumping out of your seat and running to America's place.
But you didn't. You arrived late, as you always do, to a room of men knocking back booze like there was no tomorrow. You had stayed with the girls, just to be safe.
Then America approached with a hat full of items, and you all thou
:iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 726 281
Flash Tut - Dress Up Tricks by Wyndbain Flash Tut - Dress Up Tricks :iconwyndbain:Wyndbain 207 76
Closet Pervert - Steve x Dom! Reader
~~~~Author's Note: Today seemed like a naughty Dominant! Reader day. Seriously I started thinking of Steve today and realized I missed writing for him. (that and I have a poster of him lol) So voila! Here is your smexy insert, my adorable perverts~~~~
"You would not believe what Tony found today! He has apparently found new technology belonging to this one race of aliens with crazy..."
Ah, the typical weekday with your wondrous Steve. His curious, innocent mind made you smile, though it made you want other things. 'Hmm...What I would love to do to that mouth, Mr. Rogers.' You would muse in your head. Leaning precariously on the palm of your hand, the sunlight softly cascaded against your [h/c] hair. Honestly, you could watch him all day not caring if life passed you by. If given the chance, you would forcibly bound your boyfriend to make him always wear those sexy colors of red, white, and blue....colors he was unfortunately not wearing right now since
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 569 100
Ask - Question #17 by Jinbeizamezama Ask - Question #17 :iconjinbeizamezama:Jinbeizamezama 971 655 The Babadook by NeoStockz The Babadook :iconneostockz:NeoStockz 298 79 Fridge by rufftoon Fridge :iconrufftoon:rufftoon 965 98 Left 4 Dead: Gay Jokes by ashcomics Left 4 Dead: Gay Jokes :iconashcomics:ashcomics 2,906 309
Behind Closed Doors :iconj-button:J-Button 1,281 677
Rest in peace, Bill... by BrokenTeapot Rest in peace, Bill... :iconbrokenteapot:BrokenTeapot 1,111 216 Ask - Question #59 by Jinbeizamezama Ask - Question #59 :iconjinbeizamezama:Jinbeizamezama 750 267 Babadook by cinemamind Babadook :iconcinemamind:cinemamind 284 22 Resource: Dungeon Background by Gray--Day Resource: Dungeon Background :icongray--day:Gray--Day 333 36
Bath: Kiba X Reader I
Warning: Contains profanity, Enjoy!
"Hey! Are you ok?!"
You moaned and opened your eyes to see a boy with messy dark-brown hair sating at you. He had red lines that resembled fangs down his cheeks and a wooly hoodie with a dog underneath...? He held you in his arms bridal style with your head pressed against his warm chest. You didn't have time to respond before he drew his head closer to your face with his lips only centimeters away, and sniffed you.
"Ugh, you smell disgusting. Like flowers or some frilly crap."
You jumped and practically flew out of his hands.
"What the hell are you doing?!" you screamed.
"You smell bad; it really hurts my nose 'ya know?" He clenched his nose between his fingers "You 'otta be more considerate to others."
"What do you mean 'be more considerate'?! This is how a girl smells right?! Be thankful I don't smell like you and the shit you rolled in!"
"Who just saved you from drowning in a pond?"
"That's beside the point! And-"
You looked down and witnessed yo
:iconcreepersinyourcloset:CreepersInYourCloset 333 45
White cube room 1 by Tebh-stock White cube room 1 :icontebh-stock:Tebh-stock 134 25 Doctor Who Tardis' Closet: Companion Dress Up Game by Avender Doctor Who Tardis' Closet: Companion Dress Up Game :iconavender:Avender 1,435 297 :Closet: by SoundwavePie :Closet: :iconsoundwavepie:SoundwavePie 233 23 Closet by mtomsky Closet :iconmtomsky:mtomsky 1,537 80 Sweet Lolita Dreams by Princess-Peachie Sweet Lolita Dreams :iconprincess-peachie:Princess-Peachie 556 260 The Closet - pg 11 by MNS-Prime-21 The Closet - pg 11 :iconmns-prime-21:MNS-Prime-21 178 204