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Click Fraud Detection: An Idiot`s Guide

Google click fraud is a real threat to IT industry. Some experts call it a plague that is killing many perspective websites. Google allows businesses of all sizes advertise and be a part of this amazing world of e-commerce but it also stimulates all sorts of fraudsters who want to earn easy money.
Back in 2014 Google predicted that click fraud will be the biggest problem of IT industry. Advertisers didn't listen to that words much, and now they reap the fruits of their ignorance. That is why the knowledge about click fraud detection is gaining importance.
I bet I can guess what you are thinking about: “What?Another Internet conspiracy?” But let's just look at the numbers before discussing the possibilities of click fraud monitoring software ( do you really need it?) like TEA Software. I trust statistics a lot because statistics rarely makes mistakes:
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Click Fraud, Threat, Risk and Online Business

When you’re in business, online or in the brick-and-mortar world, you and your store are always at risk. But the risks vary, depending on an array of factors. For example, if you own a small, “mom-and-pop” store in a tiny community, where everyone knows everyone else, risk, of all types, is extremely low. It’s rare, in this setting, to experience a break-in or a robbery. Also, going out of business after several years is unlikely. The probability is you’ll plug along, selling enough to survive and put a bit of money aside.
When you’re in a larger setting, such as in a city, the risk levels are higher, both from crime and from the competition. Of course, with more risk comes the possibility of more reward, which is why people decide to get into business on a scale larger than the “main street” shop in a town of a few hundred people. This same line of thinking could be applied to what has become a global
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