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DT- Fanfiction Cliches: MPreg by caycowa DT- Fanfiction Cliches: MPreg :iconcaycowa:caycowa 700 383 Transcendence by Aeirmid Transcendence :iconaeirmid:Aeirmid 1,092 186 Sorry. by Culpeo-Fox Sorry. :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 3,555 339 Teenage Secrets by pinkparis1233 Teenage Secrets :iconpinkparis1233:pinkparis1233 530 77
Goodnight Kiss - Japan x Reader
You groaned as you violently tossed and turned on your bed. You loudly blew your nose into a tissue and let out another wail.
Yup, it was that time of the year again!
No, not that time of the year; it's flu season silly!
You threw the covers over your head to shield your eyes from the sun's blinding rays and whatever jeepers creepers left after the night.
You felt absolutely awful.
Your head, back, throat, face, arms, legs, and every body part known to man hurted like hell! Your body was hot to the touch, but you were shivering in cold sweat like a Chihuahua in winter. Not only that, you looked like a dying fish with your mouth open since it was your only way to suck in some oxygen thanks to your stuffy nose.
This has to be the worst flu to have ever hit you in your entire life! You didn't even have the energy to walk or let alone, stand.
Rolling your way over to the edge of your bed, you answered the telephone in your sickly voice, "Hello?"
"Moshi moshi? Is this
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Love Is A Game by pinkparis1233 Love Is A Game :iconpinkparis1233:pinkparis1233 393 66 My little heart cliche. by Heleneee My little heart cliche. :iconheleneee:Heleneee 814 112 dbest's Emoticon Tutorial by dbestarchitect dbest's Emoticon Tutorial :icondbestarchitect:dbestarchitect 359 174 Cliche II by Jules1983 Cliche II :iconjules1983:Jules1983 675 59 Perfect Fairytale II by ErikShoemaker Perfect Fairytale II :iconerikshoemaker:ErikShoemaker 428 74
100 Themes - CLICHES
This 100 Theme Challenge is about taking old cliches and twisting them to write something unique and intriguing. These can be inspiration for any type of literature: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, scripts, etc.
The list of cliches below was compiled mostly by scrolling through our own deviantART poetry gallery. It's appaling to see how many cliches are still being used in their original form with no effort given to making them new or interesting! The struggle for a lot of writers, I think, is that they make the cliche too much a focal point of their writing, rather than using it simply for inspiration or relatability.
I want to say this to all the writers out there who desire to be better: You can make a piece accessible without making it cliche.
If you choose to use this list, the cliches themselves are only your jumping off point. If you're writing a poem, you may decide to focus on the image evoked by the cliche and write something that surprises the reader. For a
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Crazy, psychopathic, murderer ladies
Sexy, butt-kicking girls
Crazy/random/hyper self-inserts
Depressed emo/goth/always-dresses-in-black types
Angsty/moody/hot teenagers
The brown-haired girl with no personality
The mean, popular, snobby girl
Unreasonably cruel bullies out to make life harder for the main character
The best friend (if they were a good character who *happened* to be a best friend they wouldn't have to be described as this)
Fun fact: Making victim OCs is cliche
Another fun fact: how someone dresses is NOT their personality
Yet another fun fact: People who claim to be random really are not and they know it.
Super bonus fun fact: A character's breast size need NEVER be stated. The end.
Super de duper bonus fun fact: Please, spare us the paragraphs on what the character looks like. It is a story, not a fashion show. A few sentences with mentions of hair color or other select features you find necessary to point out(KEYWORD: NECESSARY) are perfect. After all, how
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Oh, my Hero 2 by syccas-stock Oh, my Hero 2 :iconsyccas-stock:syccas-stock 134 35
The Problem with Self Inserts
The Problem with Self Inserts
There is nothing wrong with inserting yourself into a story. Like anything, it can be well done or... not so well done. The fact is, the majority of people who tend to write about self inserts happen to be beginners. Naturally, that causes there to be a pattern of certain, specific mistakes that are frequently found whilst reading anything on the internet. The purpose of this deviation isn't to say that self inserts are bad. I'm simply going to point out the most common mistakes that we usually encounter.
1. Making ourselves better than we really are.
Don't be fooled by the word "better." This can be replaced with mysterious, deep, dark, tragic, romantic, lovable... anything we want. Maybe a mix of a few of those things. The point is, the version of ourselves will be biased.
2. Not making anything bad happen to yourself
Let's talk about the word "bad." Does this mean something, perhaps, like... getting a disease? No. It means anything that interferes with
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Deralik General by ChunLo Deralik General :iconchunlo:ChunLo 666 23 Cliche by Jules1983 Cliche :iconjules1983:Jules1983 536 82
The Movie Cliche Scene Meme
The Movie Cliche Response Meme
Rules: Pick any number (2 or more will provide some contrast) of your Original Characters (OCs) to answer this meme via their reactions. Unless a specific question is being asked, assume that the whole line is followed by 'What do you do?' When completed, provide a link back to me in your artist's comments, and also do let me know by leaving a comment on the original template.
Have fun! :)
1) Who wins? The Good Side or the Bad Side?
2) The Mysterious Masked antagonist reveals himself as none other than... DUN DUN DUN! your long lost FATHER!
3) Only YOU can save the world from annihilation!
4) You childhood sweetheart storms back into your life confessing his/her mutual feelings for you—a week before his/her forced marriage is to take place...
5) Treachery most foul! Your best friend has inexplicably turned against you with full force!
6) A bumbling, inept, talkative, bright-eyed creature of a stature and skill set only sui
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Writing Lesson: Naming Your Character
    Your character's name is one of the most important decisions you have to make when writing a story. There are tons of resources for naming your characters (baby name websites being my personal favorite) but there are also many things you should take into consideration. Here are some do's and don'ts in no particular order. 
Similar names for twins  I read an article on names recently that expressly forbid the use of matching or similar twin names because it was "overdone". While yes, naming your twins Jayden and Kayden can be a bit tacky sounding, the truth is that people do it. A lot. I've personally met a pair of identical twins named Kirsten and Kristen. Do I think their parents are crazy? A little, but when you're choosing names for your twins, it's hard not to look for rhyming or alliteration. For writers, my only suggestion is to make them visually different enough that readers can tell them apart. Jace and Jackson are easy tw
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European Dragon by mirroreyesserval European Dragon :iconmirroreyesserval:mirroreyesserval 344 59 Maid Cliche's Series 3 by Parororo Maid Cliche's Series 3 :iconparororo:Parororo 2,279 416 - 2 cute 2 eat - by maskqueraide - 2 cute 2 eat - :iconmaskqueraide:maskqueraide 18,275 1,833 Those old cliches by mathiole Those old cliches :iconmathiole:mathiole 393 34
The Originality Illusion
It's come to my attention that, in the online amateur writing scene, no one seems to understand the proper role of characters in conjunction with plot.  
From what I have been able to observe, literally everyone tries to create characters outside of plot by outlining what they look like, what they eat for dinner, and what bands they absolutely abhor.  That's the law on how it's done.  The amount of "character survey sheets" containing a never-ending list of questions for prospective characters is ridiculous--and sad, because determining these things will in no way help you create a good character or, more importantly, a good story (which I define as an account of a character's actions within a given plot).
In reality, your character is not going to comb his hair, sit down to the dinner table, or workout in the gym with his iPod during the erupting mayhem of your story.  If he does, it's because you've invested way too much time in randomly select
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-- Tentai Kansoku -- by Blizz-Mii -- Tentai Kansoku -- :iconblizz-mii:Blizz-Mii 2,199 145