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Demon's Toy? ~ Sebastian Michaelis X Reader
"Sebastian. [Name]. You both are to keep a close watch on Alois and his butler. Am I understood?" Ciel asked the two servants standing before him.
"Yes. Of course, Young Master." They replied in unison before leaving the young Earl's side. Tonight was the night of Alois Trancy's Halloween party. A party in which Ciel, along with all his servants, were invited to.
"So, what's your plan, Sebastian?" [Name] asked, looking up at her friend. When that familiar smile crept across Sebastian's face, she frowned.
"I'm sure Claude would be more than willing to share any information he has concerning the Young Master and Earl Trancy. You may have to persuade him, but I'm sure that won't be a problem for you." Sebastian said.
"No, no. You can do the persuading." She replied quickly. "After all, you were quite successful seducing that nun a while ago." She added with a smile, recalling the incident.
"True, but that was a human woman." He reminded. Not long after meeting Sebastian, [Name] figured ou
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~Never Leave Me~ Alois Trancy x Reader
"[Name] darling! Please try to hurry! You don't want to be late, do you?" Your mother called as you began your descent down the staircase.
"Oh, of course not, mother." You replied sarcastically.
"Don't be that way, [Name]. Earl Trancy is a fine young man." Your father stated as he took his place beside your mother.
"That doesn't mean I have to marry him." You tried to argue.
"This topic is not up for debate. You are to marry Alois Trancy upon his 18th birthday, and that's final. You know our family needs this in order to move up in the world." Your father said, his voice stern. Rolling your eyes, you made your way to the front door.
"[Name]." Your mother began. It was her way of trying to reason with you.
"We should leave now. I wouldn't want to keep my fiancé waiting." You replied, sarcasm tainting your words, before walking outside and towards an awaiting carriage.
The ride to the Trancy manor was long, boring, and monotonous. Not to mention the extreme tension that w
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Ways To Annoy Claude Faustus
Although I do like Claude quite a bit, I just couldn't resist making this :D
You may have to watch Black Butler 2 in order to understand some of these.
1. Steal his glasses
2. Stare at him constantly, but don't say a word.
3. When he's washing dishes, tell him he missed a spot.
4. Decorate Alois's entire mansion with pictures of Sebastian.
5. If Claude asks from where or how you got the pictures, tell him that you did a little favor for Sebastian in exchange for them. *wink wink*
6. When you see a spider, take off your shoe and go to kill it. Make sure Claude sees this.
7. Give Alois a Ricky Martin CD and urge him to dance to "The Cup Of Life" ~Ole!~
8. Invite Grell over and talk about how devilishly handsome Sebastian is. In front of Claude.
9. Tell Alois he should have Claude wear a pair of booty shorts as his new uniform attire.
10. Tell Claude he looks like he's the child of Sebastian Michaelis and William T. Spears
11. Ask Claude why he couldn't take the form of a more ominous cre
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