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Osomatsu San by Kyovan Osomatsu San :iconkyovan:Kyovan 2,635 144 Osomatsu-san Icons by Kiss-the-Iconist Osomatsu-san Icons :iconkiss-the-iconist:Kiss-the-Iconist 1,505 409 osomatsu-san animation by nijyu-maru osomatsu-san animation :iconnijyu-maru:nijyu-maru 1,569 205 Osomatsu-san by Meoon Osomatsu-san :iconmeoon:Meoon 1,449 48 Osomatsu-san Chibis by BlasticHeart Osomatsu-san Chibis :iconblasticheart:BlasticHeart 1,524 48 Osomatsu-san - Psychomatsus by Ayla-Kazemi Osomatsu-san - Psychomatsus :iconayla-kazemi:Ayla-Kazemi 1,132 119 Transparent Elegy by Kyovan Transparent Elegy :iconkyovan:Kyovan 1,606 102 Osomatsu-san by dahae1014 Osomatsu-san :icondahae1014:dahae1014 1,878 36 p a r a d e by Daenarys p a r a d e :icondaenarys:Daenarys 1,653 38 OT3 by Kyovan OT3 :iconkyovan:Kyovan 1,372 143 Osomatsu-san 5/24 by Meoon Osomatsu-san 5/24 :iconmeoon:Meoon 1,129 22
Osomatsu's Nightmare
Osomatsu wakes up, bolting upright with a loud gasp.
Trying to calm his rapidly beating heart, he quickly looks to each side of him. All five of his brothers are fast asleep on their shared futon; Choromatsu and Jyuushimatsu to his left, and Todomatsu, Karamatsu, and Ichimatsu to his right.
They’re not dead. They’re alive. They’re ok. It was just a nightmare. They’re safely in their house, tucked under the blankets on their futon. They haven’t been in some horrific accident, his brothers a bloody mess, Osomatsu the only one still breathing-
“Osomatsu-niisan, what’s going on?”
Osomatsu blinks. Without realizing it, he’d grabbed hold of Choromatsu and started shaking him, subconsciously needing to confirm that, yes, his brother really was simply asleep and not dead. He’s awake now, staring at him with a look that’s a mix of confusion and there-had-better-be-a-good-reason-for-this.
Osomatsu gives a nervous lau
:iconsonicfan3:SonicFan3 111 37
Calming Detective Osomatsu! by Ayla-Kazemi Calming Detective Osomatsu! :iconayla-kazemi:Ayla-Kazemi 713 94 OSOMATSU! Pixels by Umishaii OSOMATSU! Pixels :iconumishaii:Umishaii 1,094 67 Osomatsu-san - gold foil postcard by Evil-usagi Osomatsu-san - gold foil postcard :iconevil-usagi:Evil-usagi 1,231 38 Osomatsu-san!!! by Kastraz Osomatsu-san!!! :iconkastraz:Kastraz 828 78 Osomuscle-san! by YukisakiMAYUI Osomuscle-san! :iconyukisakimayui:YukisakiMAYUI 485 33 Osomatsu Group by Ry-Spirit Osomatsu Group :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 380 33 Animal Hoodie Matsus + Speedpaint by minteaparty Animal Hoodie Matsus + Speedpaint :iconminteaparty:minteaparty 355 11 Osomatsu-san by Meoon Osomatsu-san :iconmeoon:Meoon 983 46 Osomatsu-san - Crepe by Meoon Osomatsu-san - Crepe :iconmeoon:Meoon 888 18 Our Seas by YukisakiMAYUI Our Seas :iconyukisakimayui:YukisakiMAYUI 414 31 Osomatsu Choromatsu MAFIA by YukisakiMAYUI Osomatsu Choromatsu MAFIA :iconyukisakimayui:YukisakiMAYUI 468 17