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IggyCho by forestchick501 IggyCho :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 1 0 Who Dun It by forestchick501 Who Dun It :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 2 0
White Knight (ChoRu)
((SHORTEST SNIPPET BUT THIS ONE DOESNT NEED MUCH LOL. TAL and its characters belong to Kang Im go support the original comic on Naver))
Cho-Yi heard a commotion out in the dining hall; the old man was probably bothering someone at the door.
He thus decided to save whomever it was and strolled out to put a stop to the human's rampage, only to find the greatest surprise ever.
"Hey! It's the cute Oppa from the other day!"
The entire room went silent in a heartbeat, the cute blond turning beet red in the face as Cho-Yi ignored the situation's air and strolled up casually to the blond. "I was hoping to see you again. And you brought a group, you really are a good boy!" The TAL grinned in a good nature way.
A click, and suddenly he had a gun to his face, courtesy of an angry looking mafia-like guy.
"What are your intentions here?"
Cho-Yi could only blink in response as the cute blond shoved the guy's arm upwards, making him drop the weapon which dematerialized at their feet while the cute on
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Climbing Friend by forestchick501 Climbing Friend :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 1 0
Tale of Scales 1
((Just a fun little AU idea to fill in for chapter pauses. The 1 doesn't mean there's a sequel, but there IS a second version of this because I'm an endless well of AU ideas and AUs of AUs is my specialty. I don't own any characters from TAL, Kang Im does))
"Hahaha! C'mon Lang, isn't this exciting?"
Twenty-five year old Mu-Young, 'Lang' only to his twin brother Ignatio and their adopted guardian Chau Yong, glared at said twin as they stood outside the marina they'd been hired at as janitors. A weak job sure, but after the last job they'd taken where Mu-Young's temper wound up getting them into a barfight, their guardian was trying to appeal to the judge that they were 'normal' guys. Keeping his head down didn't appeal to someone as headstrong as Mu-Young, but when their guardian told them it was either low key jobs or correctional facilities, they had to choose the lesser of two evils.
"Shut the hell up, Ho." 'Lang' and 'Ho' being chil
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Tale of Scales 3
((One more just because. TAL and its characters are owned by Kang Im, go support them on Naver!))
Mu Young stared at his blond friend, whom currently had a black and red mer-octopus wrapped around him playing with his eye-catching locks. "...At the very least, it's not poisonous or venomous?"
Kang Maru, age twenty two, was not pleased by the affections of this fishy bastard who'd climbed out of its tank to cuddle him.
His friend and older mentor, Mu Young, and Mu Young's twin brother, Ignatio, had managed to score him a job once he'd completed his GEDs and needed money to tide him over as paperwork was pushed about. They worked at the local marina, which boated the most fantastical creatures know to man - merfolk.
Except merfolk sucked. At least, this one did.
A large adult octopus merman, a black body and black hair all tipped in bright red, gold oblong eyes that always seemed too cold and calculating to not give away how intell
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Shooting Hearts - Mega Collection by forestchick501 Shooting Hearts - Mega Collection :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 0 0 ChoRu Halloween by forestchick501 ChoRu Halloween :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 0 0 Local Man Adopts Two Loud Kids by forestchick501 Local Man Adopts Two Loud Kids :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 2 4 AGoodSmol by forestchick501 AGoodSmol :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 0 0 SaraRequests by forestchick501 SaraRequests :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 0 4 Clingy Touching - TAL by forestchick501 Clingy Touching - TAL :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 2 2 ToTSilliness by forestchick501 ToTSilliness :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 1 3 Choi by Lonali Choi :iconlonali:Lonali 2 3 Carrying The Bae by forestchick501 Carrying The Bae :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 1 0
Brand Name
((Just a silly short oneshot to entertain ya'll while I'm off celebrating my birthday today. I might draw this if I have the energy later, but for now, have silliness and horniness in a short story format. Remember, only Noah and Min Jun are OCs owned by me and Infernal-Arms, so be sure to support the rest of the cast and their creator, Kang Im, via Naver.))
"...You're all shameless."
Min Jun squinted as she along with Mu Young, Ignatio, Leon, Hiljo, Haje, Yangban, and Gamun Be watched the male Chachaoongs' respective mates working for a bar that boasted 'fun and flirty servers'.
Maru had on a tight fitting shirt that read 'Too Hot To Handle' as he wiped down the counter with Sae Ha, who had a shirt reading 'Good Boys Get Pricked' with a needle beneath it. Mano and Noah were currently in charge of drinks behind the bar, the medical student's shirt reading 'Yes I BITE' with a pair of vampire fangs on it, while Noah's reading 'PlayBoy Bunny' in a heart shape. Cho Yi and Mir were d
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Forever Grin (IgYi)
((Just a cute lil snippet as we get everything ready for AfterMask. Remember, only Noah and Min Jun aren't part of the original cast of TAL, so if you love Ignatio and Cho-Yi as well as the rest, please support the original webtoon on Naver! Show Kang Im that beautiful love~!))
The TAL glanced up, arms raising in an almost automatic reaction as he saw his mate's familiar trailing locks, catching Ignatio and spinning in an affectionate hug. "Ignatio~"
"Rabbit and Nuna are at Jin's today!" Shade popped up by their feet, resting on Cho-Yi's feet contently as he held his shorter mate in his arms. The Yongma was grateful for the TAL's ability to calm his master down when needed. "Shall we have a date?" Igntio grinned, kissing his mate's neck lovingly.
He was carefully set down, Cho-Yi's long fingers grooming his hair. "Just let me clean up, alright? Oppa had an 'idea' this morning that got out of hand."
"Ahaha, Rabbit sure can be a handful." Ignatio laughed as he strolled aft
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ManoYi by forestchick501 ManoYi :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 3 5