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Tales of Scales 2
((HAH YA'LL WEREN'T EXPECTING THIS WERE YA?! No it's not a sequel, just another 'What If?' situation from a reverse point of view. I don't own the characters either way, of course, only Kang Im does, go support them on Naver))

'...Dear God...why did you choose my life to be nothing but endless suffering?'

Kang Maru wasn't happy. Granted he normally never had a choice for happiness but hey he had the right to complain. After finally getting his last paycheck from his previous job, an old friend had come to him with a new, less glamorous offer; the marina janitor. Specifically, they'd just gotten in a pair of twin sharks, and Cho-Yi didn't think he'd be able to take care of them on his own.

'And of course he was SO delighted to tell me he wanted help with the 'temperamental' one!'
The blond cried mentally and physically as he dressed in the marina's black and blue uniform. 'But I owe him for bailing me out of that night in the Dongdaemun Market...'
He sighed, and i
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Tale of Scales 3
((One more just because. TAL and its characters are owned by Kang Im, go support them on Naver!))
Mu Young stared at his blond friend, whom currently had a black and red mer-octopus wrapped around him playing with his eye-catching locks. "...At the very least, it's not poisonous or venomous?"
Kang Maru, age twenty two, was not pleased by the affections of this fishy bastard who'd climbed out of its tank to cuddle him.
His friend and older mentor, Mu Young, and Mu Young's twin brother, Ignatio, had managed to score him a job once he'd completed his GEDs and needed money to tide him over as paperwork was pushed about. They worked at the local marina, which boated the most fantastical creatures know to man - merfolk.
Except merfolk sucked. At least, this one did.
A large adult octopus merman, a black body and black hair all tipped in bright red, gold oblong eyes that always seemed too cold and calculating to not give away how intell
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