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New Techniques- Tg [Ch.2]
"Sure, it ought to be nice," I answered.
"Great let's go! Wait we need to go to your house first. You need fresh clothes." Lauren told me.
I guessed this was just an excuse to see my "new" home. My parents were the same; most of the house was the same, but my room. My room was pretty girly. "How did this change?" I asked.
"Dunno exactly, but I think the world has changed to fit decisions you would have made as a girl. That's my guess at least." she answered.
My walls had many medals; Swimming, Gymnastics, and Tea Kwon Do. That made me wonder, I had always tried doing the splits, I had always watched the Tea Kwon Do practices, I had never done them though. I went to the middle of my room, it was about 15x20” room, and attempted to do some things. First, I tried doing the splits, I took off my tennis shoes and slid my feet apart, it was slow at first, but I quickly fell into the splits. I was expecting a massive pain near my crotch, but no pain. I was shocked, so was Laur
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TWENTY ONE PILOTS | DEMA PACK by Joshuaddictions TWENTY ONE PILOTS | DEMA PACK :iconjoshuaddictions:Joshuaddictions 16 0 Chlorine by crippled Chlorine :iconcrippled:crippled 29 38 SKL:E: Chlorine by ArtieDrawings SKL:E: Chlorine :iconartiedrawings:ArtieDrawings 56 28 B.Blocks by fluplay B.Blocks :iconfluplay:fluplay 55 29 Ned V2 with reddit's watermark by a1234agamer Ned V2 with reddit's watermark :icona1234agamer:a1234agamer 22 2
Chemical Attractions, Pt II
We can learn a lot from hydrochloric acid.
Not the whole dangerously-corrosive part, of course, though I admit that a lot of people probably find us two a bit hard to stomach. A dynamic duo we are not.
What I mean is that dance they do - shy glances across a crowded room (beaker?) as Hydrogen and Chlorine each quietly regret their incompleteness, feeling that hole where another electron ought to be, but never willing to resort to online dating... They were probably lab partners in high school, and then a couple of years later found themselves across the table from one another in that sophomore Shakespeare class, then side-by-side in Differential Equations. But they did their work and answered questions and never made more eye-contact than was necessary.
And then there was that day in the early autumn when Chlorine absent-mindedly collected Hydrogen's laundry from the dryer and started to fold it simply because it was a neighbourly thing to do, and there was that spark of understanding
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