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Superheroes (Steve x Reader)
In the silence of the dark night, rain filled clouds drifted over New York. The wind picked up and exclaimed her howling sighs. Raindrops started dripping on the roofs of all the buildings, spreading a relaxing melody through the empty streets.
Most people were already fast asleep, their soft snoring contributing to the melodic unity of sounds that penetrated your apartment. In the dim light of your computer screen, you were working on a project you had to finish before the next morning.
Your eyes started to feel heavy, but you couldn’t give in to the lingering sleep yet. Just a few more adjustments and you would be done. You rubbed your eyes and stretched your arms out above your head. The glowing red light of your alarm clock told you it was already three in the morning. In less than five hours you would have to be at the office again. While you were working on the last few details your eyes started to feel heavier and heavier, until after a few minutes you had fallen asleep be
:iconsavrom:savrom 845 231
The Many Faces of Cinema: The Avengers by Hyung86 The Many Faces of Cinema: The Avengers :iconhyung86:Hyung86 503 7
One Day (Loki x Reader) One-shot
You were sitting inside Stark Tower, ticking on the kitchen table nervously. Loki was sitting opposite of you and looked at you with his typical mischievous smile.
‘Why do I have to babysit him?’ you asked Fury, finally able to pull your gaze away from Loki. ‘Can’t you just lock him up downstairs?’
‘We’ve talked about this, [Name]. Loki is part of the team now. No more fights. No more cells. He has promised to do what we ask of him.’
‘Yeah, right...’ you scoffed, turning your gaze back to Loki. ‘Like his word means anything.’
Fury sighed. ‘Look, I also rather have it differently, but we need him. Besides, without his scepter, he is as harmless as an ant, right Loki?’
Loki nodded, keeping his eyes on you. ‘Whatever you say, Nick.’
‘Don’t worry, [Name],’ Fury said, turning to you again. ‘We’ll be back tomorrow night. If anything happens, you c
:iconsavrom:savrom 348 201
You Shall Not Pass by Saturn-Kitty You Shall Not Pass :iconsaturn-kitty:Saturn-Kitty 337 33
Nothing left to lose (Steve x Reader) One-shot
You had walked through the streets of New York more times than you could count. In the early years of your detective training for the NYPD you had patrolled every alley and corner of the large city. You had been there during the attack of the Chitauri and even when they had started to rebuilt the city, brick by brick. Every cheerful event and every disaster for the past few years; you had been there. But you had never seen as many people out on the streets as there were today.
You were standing next to the windows of your office at the police station, arms crossed, looking at all the happy couples and families that were making their way across the street, towards Time Square. In a few hours the large festivities to celebrate the defeat of the Chitauri would begin and everyone was already gathering for the big Captain America show that would start off the day with fire works.
It was exactly three years ago that aliens had poured in from a hole in the sky. Three years since you had lost
:iconsavrom:savrom 318 180
The Avengers- The Other by andyparkart The Avengers- The Other :iconandyparkart:andyparkart 450 5 The Avengers- Thanos Reveal 01 by andyparkart The Avengers- Thanos Reveal 01 :iconandyparkart:andyparkart 231 5 Captain Marvel - Marvel Cinematic Universe by FioreSofen Captain Marvel - Marvel Cinematic Universe :iconfioresofen:FioreSofen 391 8 The Avengers- Black Widow vs. Chitauri by andyparkart The Avengers- Black Widow vs. Chitauri :iconandyparkart:andyparkart 335 6 The Would-be King by SeraphimCrystal The Would-be King :iconseraphimcrystal:SeraphimCrystal 1,136 221 Nova 4 Cover by EdMcGuinness Nova 4 Cover :iconedmcguinness:EdMcGuinness 275 36 Loki Dragon by HowManyDragons Loki Dragon :iconhowmanydragons:HowManyDragons 508 40 The Avengers- Alien Portal Final Battle by andyparkart The Avengers- Alien Portal Final Battle :iconandyparkart:andyparkart 411 4 AndyPark Alien Jumbo02 by andyparkart AndyPark Alien Jumbo02 :iconandyparkart:andyparkart 180 4 AndyPark Alien Jumbo01 by andyparkart AndyPark Alien Jumbo01 :iconandyparkart:andyparkart 202 7 The Avengers- Thanos Reveal 02 by andyparkart The Avengers- Thanos Reveal 02 :iconandyparkart:andyparkart 167 2 Experiment 14 by Aledin Experiment 14 :iconaledin:Aledin 144 6 Thanos - To Court Death by AndrewKwan Thanos - To Court Death :iconandrewkwan:AndrewKwan 132 21 Chitauri-Hunter by Dae-Thalin Chitauri-Hunter :icondae-thalin:Dae-Thalin 354 39 Chitauri - Transparent! by Camo-Flauge Chitauri - Transparent! :iconcamo-flauge:Camo-Flauge 41 3
Your not only one Punished (Short Fanfic: Thorki)
Loki was in jail, after the alien war on Midgard with the Chitauri, having won a victory but in what price? Happiness? Joy? Rejoice? No, not for Thor it isn't. He has imagined many fates that will happen to Loki, all of them unpleasant and painful to bare through. The war has no ended, it never had. Mental war in his own beating heart that thumped beneath his chest.
The guard called him from the down the large tall halls of the Asgardian palace, his father demanding his audience with him in the throne room. One thing for sure, it was probably decision what is going to happen to Loki. He just knows it, he has gut feeling it was. With a sigh leaving his lips, he made his way to the throne room letting the sound of shoes clanking against the smooth surface of the floor.
What justice is there? Punishing his brother? All he wanted was to bring him back home, to make things start over again. Pushing back his blonde locks of hair over his shoulder, exhaling out slowly. He pushed the door to t
:iconastolenrelic:AStolenRelic 170 61
Eternals Marvel Movie Universe Redesigns by Needham-Comics Eternals Marvel Movie Universe Redesigns :iconneedham-comics:Needham-Comics 70 19 Prodigal by vitellan Prodigal :iconvitellan:vitellan 278 25