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Bleach OC: Xenethis Chimera
Name: Xenethis Chimera
Alias: The Red Servant, Crimson Spider, No Face Xenethis, The Guillotine of Hueco Mundo
True Age: 118
Visual Age: 20
Gender: Male
Status: Active
Squad: Tia Harribel's Fraccion
Rank: Arrancar 11
Other Groups: None
Ambition: To protect and serve Tia Harribel
Hobbies: Training, music, cooking, occasional drinking
Dislikes: All those who disrespect his allies
Xenethis is very reserved in personality, though not the extent of Ulquiorra. He tends to keep quiet as a result of fear of his own rage, and the destructive consequences that followed. Examples of this come from his time as a Demented Gillian, which to him seemed like a short blur of hunger and anger, despite it lasting decades. More recently, it comes from the vivid flashbacks of his own death, which cause him to break out into a bloodrage and try to kill anything in his line of vision. As a result, he tends to keep to himself, though he is far from emotionless. For an Arrancar, he i
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