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Childhood Sweethearts by KingSimba Childhood Sweethearts :iconkingsimba:KingSimba 238 21 Childhood Sweethearts - With Background by KingSimba Childhood Sweethearts - With Background :iconkingsimba:KingSimba 163 21 BEYBLADE  - ReMao: Sunset by Dradra-Trici BEYBLADE - ReMao: Sunset :icondradra-trici:Dradra-Trici 140 42 Crimson Rafflesia - Greens by CorenB Crimson Rafflesia - Greens :iconcorenb:CorenB 39 17 The Scavenger and her Captain: A Reysma Story by FFiamgoku The Scavenger and her Captain: A Reysma Story :iconffiamgoku:FFiamgoku 41 6 Childhood Sweethearts by MdeLucena Childhood Sweethearts :iconmdelucena:MdeLucena 21 11 Our Secret by nebulafire Our Secret :iconnebulafire:nebulafire 14 13 Character Builder- Betty Butterfly by legoland1085 Character Builder- Betty Butterfly :iconlegoland1085:legoland1085 14 12 childhood sweethearts by little-leo childhood sweethearts :iconlittle-leo:little-leo 13 14 Tailsetty/TailsXBetty: Two Children Dating by Mryayayify Tailsetty/TailsXBetty: Two Children Dating :iconmryayayify:Mryayayify 11 1 Childhood Sweethearts. by xCherubiChanx Childhood Sweethearts. :iconxcherubichanx:xCherubiChanx 14 4 Kouga x Liza - Lion King Ocs by xMaikoWolfx Kouga x Liza - Lion King Ocs :iconxmaikowolfx:xMaikoWolfx 12 12
I See
My day begins as usual when I feel for the light switch. My fingers bump one corner before flicking it up, but it's more habit out of respect for Ryan than for me. I take my routine steps forward with my cane sweeping before me. I shouldn't need it as much after all this time, but Ryan could be such a pain, leaving bottles stacked in the way of the counter despite my repeated warnings not to do so. The daft boy. He was lucky he was my sister's son and could carry an interesting conversation with an old bat like me. Working in a wine store was hardly lucrative, after all, and most customers traipse in and out without so much as a ‘good morning’. It becomes lonely, and Ryan is good company. Any other would have been laid off faster than a cow could shit.
As soon as I think of the boy, keys jingle just outside the store's backdoor, accompanied by a frustrated sigh. He's forgotten which key again! I refrain from sighing when I hear him at last shove his way inside, clattering l
:iconebonydreads:ebonydreads 4 8
Friends Forever by KojinkaLuigiGodzilla Friends Forever :iconkojinkaluigigodzilla:KojinkaLuigiGodzilla 8 9 Tailsetty: Sharing a Watermelon. by Mryayayify Tailsetty: Sharing a Watermelon. :iconmryayayify:Mryayayify 5 4 Childhood Sweethearts by aericmon Childhood Sweethearts :iconaericmon:aericmon 4 0 Vegas and Vengance Memories by YinandYangX Vegas and Vengance Memories :iconyinandyangx:YinandYangX 8 6 Sonic Kphoria: I will replace her by Mryayayify Sonic Kphoria: I will replace her :iconmryayayify:Mryayayify 4 1 Taitty/TailsXBetty: Sleeping Together on a Toolbox by Mryayayify Taitty/TailsXBetty: Sleeping Together on a Toolbox :iconmryayayify:Mryayayify 5 1 Tailsetty/TailsXBetty: Kicking Butt Together! by Mryayayify Tailsetty/TailsXBetty: Kicking Butt Together! :iconmryayayify:Mryayayify 5 3 1950's Couple - Colourisation by PhotoRevival 1950's Couple - Colourisation :iconphotorevival:PhotoRevival 3 0 Elderly Couple - Photo Colourisation by PhotoRevival Elderly Couple - Photo Colourisation :iconphotorevival:PhotoRevival 3 0
Miss Rebecca White
That morning long ago was peach - not snow white.
The young Miss White was certainly a confusing sight in all her opalescent finery that morning, She was the loveliest paradox as her savage lips opened in contrast with her lost-in-wonderland eyes.
The playful steel-hard voice said "the cat's stolen my shoes."
Four black glossy barrettes straightened (somewhat pointlessly) her stationary ice blonde locks. The barrettes stood parallel, like sentries, or columns of a newly founded temple. Had her hair been the walls, her virgin peach-pinked lips were the altar at which in five or six years time men would kill to worship at.
There she stood at the door to the conservatory, as if awakening from a birth as some mad scientist's experiment to redefine the word 'nubile'.
I was just a boy then, and didn't comprehend the significance of Miss White. The way I saw her then was as if she had fed me a slow release poison that would steal my mind on that fateful eighteenth birthday.
But for now
:iconlaurenisdreaming:LaurenIsDreaming 3 8
Childhood Sweethearts by SummerNeverDies Childhood Sweethearts :iconsummerneverdies:SummerNeverDies 3 0
Childhood Sweethearts Pt. 2
Childhood Sweethearts 2
"Are you sure you wanna do this?" Sonic asked tossing a red ball in his hand.
"Positive! " squealed  Vegas, she held her ball in both her hands and she looked unsecure just standing there, her legs were crossed as if she couldn't stand straight and her two tail were wrapped tightly around her feet.
"You know the rules! I hit you and you out, I get hit I out, If I catch it you out, If you catch it I out. "Vegas screamed.
"I know how to play dodgeball, "Sonic said irritably spinning the ball on his finger, "I'm just not sure about whether or not I sho-"
"Just throw the ball! " Vegas yelled.
"Okay then," Sonic shrugged, without much force he tossed the ball toward Vegas underhanded. Vegas, irritated, easily stepped sideways and let the ball bounce in front of her.
"What kind of throw was that?! " Vegas squealed, "you can do better than that cant you?! " Vegas was bristling, she knew Sonic had thrown it like that so that she wouldn't get hurt, basically me
:iconyinandyangx:YinandYangX 3 5
Bedtime Together by Mryayayify Bedtime Together :iconmryayayify:Mryayayify 2 2 Childhood Sweethearts by Jandee Childhood Sweethearts :iconjandee:Jandee 2 6 Childhood Sweethearts by trainheartnetXeclair Childhood Sweethearts :icontrainheartnetxeclair:trainheartnetXeclair 2 1 Eien no Yaksoku by teebeekae Eien no Yaksoku :iconteebeekae:teebeekae 2 0
Childhood Sweetheart Pt 1
Childhood Sweethearts from the Beginning
          The little Fox Hybrid girl padded her way around the playground obliviously. She never understood why her parents brought her here, although it was rarely, she came to the park alone. She had no siblings or friends, not like she had an attitude she just didn't make friends easy. Coming here was a constant reminder of her lack of companions, but she was used to it, she'd watch the other kids play, and although her normal instinct told her to reach out and join in, she stayed behind, and watched from the shadows.
        Today was slow, there were few kids, so she made her ways to the swings hoping to clear her mind once again as she usually did and come up with some new ideas. The Black Furred girl sat herself down on the swing set, and swung herself back and forth, letting the steady movement of the wind lure her to close her eyes.
:iconyinandyangx:YinandYangX 2 5
Childhood Sweethearts Pt.3
"Where do you plan on taking me?" Vegas asked quietly.
   She was being dragged across the field directly outside of the playground area by Sonic the Hedgehog, the sun was set directly above and around the clouds, making the grass shady and the small hills cool and breezy.
"Don't talk, just keep moving." Sonic responded coolly.
Vegas kept moving but it was hard at the speed and pace Sonic was moving to keep up correctly. The clouds started to edge away from the sun and a beam of light began to glow through. It glowed into a pathway in the grass leading to a large oak tree with small falling leaves.
"Wow…this is so pret- oh!" Vegas started but was stopped by the instant, surprising jerk Sonic made when he skidded to a halt. He looked around, then at the sun and nodded.
"Right, this is the place!" Sonic said cheerfully, "right up there! ",he said pointing upwards at a tall hill in the distance.
Vegas then stiffened, when they were running, it had looked like the oak t
:iconyinandyangx:YinandYangX 2 2
Tufftissa Stamp by Mryayayify Tufftissa Stamp :iconmryayayify:Mryayayify 2 0
Prussia X Reader Heart Beats Part 6
The next day Jera called Gilbert "wats up Gilbert" said Jera "tired" said Gilbert "hey you didn't tell (Name) about the entrance exam did you?" Asked Jera "no I didn't I want to surprise her" said Gilbert "we'll that's all good but ...did you invite your friends to our school!?" Asked Jera slightly angered "um...maybe..." Said Gilbert quietly "great now will have a school filled with delinquents!" Said Jera really pissed "hey we're not delinquents! We're just...rebels" said Gilbert "were gonna get a bad reputation because of you!" Said Jera "don't worry I'll make sure they don't do anything stupid” he said "fine well you better go to school now cause your gonna be late!" She said "oh crap! You're right see ya " said Gilbert as he hanged up.
On the way to school Gilbert saw (Name) walking to school she was wearing a winter coat and a wool hat, he followed her to school trying for her not to notice him, when she reached the building she walked in to her shoe locker and changed her
:iconjuri16kochii:Juri16Kochii 2 3
Childhood Friends by janjanjan Childhood Friends :iconjanjanjan:janjanjan 0 0 just like how it's always been by Cuffermix just like how it's always been :iconcuffermix:Cuffermix 1 0 Tails x Betty Stamp by Mryayayify Tails x Betty Stamp :iconmryayayify:Mryayayify 1 0 childhood sweethearts by saia0010 childhood sweethearts :iconsaia0010:saia0010 3 0 Love makes fools of us all by iseatheseas Love makes fools of us all :iconiseatheseas:iseatheseas 1 2 Thorgal and Aaricia By Vanessafari by Vanessafari Thorgal and Aaricia By Vanessafari :iconvanessafari:Vanessafari 0 0 Erevu and Olive by Sheeep-ish Erevu and Olive :iconsheeep-ish:Sheeep-ish 7 23 Childhood Sweethearts by FrauV8 Childhood Sweethearts :iconfrauv8:FrauV8 2 4
The Mayview Diaries
The Mayview Diaries
(The Mayview Summers)
Author's Notes: These are glimpses of Sam and Emmy's childhood, seen through their diaries (later, tape recorders and blogs). I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them! Give me feedback! Read and Review!
Entry 1 (Sammy's Diary, at age 8)
January 16, 1995
Dear Diary,
I miss my friends. I feel sad…and…and…lonely. I want to go back to New York where my friends are. Daddy has his new job here now, though. So this is where we gotta stay. Mom says it'll be alright. I don't think it will. I wanna go home!
Well, so long for now, Diary. It's bedtime. Mom says I got accepted at school real fast (which she says is a miricle). So tomorrows gonna be my first day. Night!
It's boring here.
Entry 2 (Emmylou's Diary, at age 8)
January 17, 1995
Dear Diary,
Today, I met the cutest kid in school. His name is Sammy. He had the bestest smile and the bestest eyes, ever (I think they were grene—or how
:iconmonsieurartiste:MonsieurArtiste 0 0
Childhood Sweethearts by KatieTheWolf98 Childhood Sweethearts :iconkatiethewolf98:KatieTheWolf98 2 2 Childhood Sweethearts by ikasu-chou Childhood Sweethearts :iconikasu-chou:ikasu-chou 0 3
i choose you.
i. out of all the pokemon in the world, you're the only one worth catching. i'm like pikachu with a spark that's ready to electrify your skin by the touch of my body, geodude with the strength to rock your world, squirtle with the refreshing water to replenish your soul, chikorita with the nutrients to fortify your confidence in just to believe
ii. when you glance at me, you probably think of those one-of-the-boys type gal. the tomboy who adored Hot Wheels and dreamed of riding away into the sunset with a nerd wrapped in tin foil. the girl who wore her older brothers' shorts and large t-shirts for covering up her developing body. someone who isn't afraid to get down and dirty, and likes rumbling around in the mud. you aren't used to a teenage girl who's blossoming from a tiny seed into a gorgeous tigerlily
iii. one of the most rare and beautiful sight in the world is of the transition from a caterpillar into a butterfly, and it's such a shame to witness a brilliant creature layi
:iconth3chos3non3:Th3Chos3nOn3 10 19
Childhood Sweethearts by akat16 Childhood Sweethearts :iconakat16:akat16 0 2 Childhood Sweethearts by Flawless-Cowboy Childhood Sweethearts :iconflawless-cowboy:Flawless-Cowboy 7 5
It Was Almost An Audible Click
There is that feeling you get when you see them.
And you wish you didn't.
Your chest tightens and you cant help but smile.
You haven't felt like this for a long time. You don't recognise the feeling. Its a foreigner to your heart. It doesn't seem to fit and makes no sense. But it seems like its here to stay. But I don't want it. Its distracting and makes me do silly things. I don't feel like me. I just want to be neer you. And look forward to it when I know I'll see you. But you don't like me, not the way I like you. You.. You have been in my life for almost four years now, but I only known you for the last month or two. And now, you matter so much too me. How did I miss you for four years, and you me? We are friends and becoming best, and Im happy with that so long as you are.
People talk about love at first sight, and childhood sweethearts. People talk about the couples that have been together for 60 years or so, or the ones that got into the same taxi. The ones that hated each other
:iconfreethekitsuneinside:freethekitsuneinside 1 0
KxC++Cubby Love by EmoteGalXD KxC++Cubby Love :iconemotegalxd:EmoteGalXD 3 18