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What's new pussycat v3.0 by Darksilvania What's new pussycat v3.0 :icondarksilvania:Darksilvania 1,005 51 Cheshire Cat by creaturesfromel Cheshire Cat :iconcreaturesfromel:creaturesfromel 14,976 726 We're all mad here V.2.0 by Darksilvania We're all mad here V.2.0 :icondarksilvania:Darksilvania 4,556 406 Cuphead OC: The Odd Cat by fnafmangl Cuphead OC: The Odd Cat :iconfnafmangl:fnafmangl 776 202 Alice Angel In Wonderland by fnafmangl Alice Angel In Wonderland :iconfnafmangl:fnafmangl 988 147 Alice in Wonderland Shoes by Bobsmade Alice in Wonderland Shoes :iconbobsmade:Bobsmade 323 12 + Alice in the Bottle + by Naschi + Alice in the Bottle + :iconnaschi:Naschi 4,666 125
Indulge Me (Human!CheshirexReader) Part 2/End
~Author's Note: I'm fancy. I wrote the end half of this at a French Bakery at one in the morning.~
~Warning: it does get a little heated in this part. Have fun!!~

"What game do you have in mind?" you ask the Cheshire Cat who's lying on the branch, extensive tail waving to and fro.
Humming, he pushes himself up and crawls along the tree. His broad shoulders and hips rotate with each sinuous advance. "A simple game of hide and seek," he says.
Your brows furrow. “That doesn't seem very fair.”
“Oh,” he drones sarcastically, “You don't trust me to not disappear?” As he speaks, he evaporates into the florae and appears on a low branch directly beside you with his arms wrapped around your waist. Flinching, you stare into his cynic teal eyes that are nearly filled with the enlarged irises. 
“Don't worry, my dear. I may be mad, but I could never deceive such a lovely girl as yourself.” He runs a claw up the length of your
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Alice and the Cheshire Cat by IrenHorrors Alice and the Cheshire Cat :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 1,802 78 Twisted Princess: Alice by jeftoon01 Twisted Princess: Alice :iconjeftoon01:jeftoon01 27,303 2,106 Alice in Wonderland by CoranKizerStone Alice in Wonderland :iconcorankizerstone:CoranKizerStone 3,820 160 Creep [F2U feline icon base] by Martith Creep [F2U feline icon base] :iconmartith:Martith 289 31 Alice In Wonderland by RoryonaRainbow Alice In Wonderland :iconroryonarainbow:RoryonaRainbow 7,814 415 Full sized Mad Hatter CARD HOLDER by TinyTopHats Full sized Mad Hatter CARD HOLDER :icontinytophats:TinyTopHats 1,363 220
Indulge Me (Human!CheshirexReader) Part 1
~Author's Note: I'm doing this whole process on an iPad my mom recently gave me. It is not fun. Lol I hope you guys enjoy!!~

The name echoes through the sunlit trees to only be answered by the calls of birds and hushed sighs of wind whispering through the leaves. Despite the peaceful atmosphere, you are anything but. Your friend Alice had just disappeared during studies to follow a white rabbit, and you had gone to find her after she'd yelped in alarm, but you have yet to locate her.
"Alice!" You call again, more weary. You sigh, "Goodness, where did she go off to this time?" right before you spot a large rabbit hole with the earth and foliage about it disturbed. There's no doubt in your mind that Alice fell down it; she entirely lacks natural restraint in regards to her curiosity. With a worried whimper you run to the hole and look down into the unnaturally abysmal void. For the hundredth time you yell out the girl's name in desperate hope she'll respond, waitin
:iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 432 45
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