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STOCK - Standing Compilation 1 by LaLunatique STOCK - Standing Compilation 1 :iconlalunatique:LaLunatique 2,486 138 ULTIMATE HOMESTUCK CHARACTER CREATION TEMPLATE by ManDownstairs ULTIMATE HOMESTUCK CHARACTER CREATION TEMPLATE :iconmandownstairs:ManDownstairs 2,893 396 STOCK -  A basic character design Pose by LaLunatique STOCK - A basic character design Pose :iconlalunatique:LaLunatique 554 69
What is Autism?
"Ella no puede hablar," says the cafeteria worker. She can't talk. This is false, but the young woman has learned to point to what she wants, instead of repeating herself over and over, uselessly ejecting quiet words again and again from her sparrowlike body. Her food is always the same: pink yogurt. Fruit crepe, strawberries, banana. A muffin, if she's hungry after that.She sits down and rocks stiffly, her back hitting the soft padded booth behind her. Wham. Wham. Wham. She sits in the same enclosed corner every time; the same seat, if possible. She wears thick headphones with the song of the day on repeat. Wham. Wham. Wham.She has heard snickers and smirks. She does not look at those people, or dignify them with a response. She just keeps eating. Wham. Wham. Wham.
What impressions might you have of this person?
I'm guessing that most laypeople and psychologists would label her with "severe autism." They'd say she's obsessive, with mindless rituals and routines, that she's
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Character Profile of DOOM! - Template by Aposiopesis Character Profile of DOOM! - Template :iconaposiopesis:Aposiopesis 1,028 262 Free-To-Use Character Ref by moon-apprentice Free-To-Use Character Ref :iconmoon-apprentice:moon-apprentice 395 36 Tutorial: Blending Charas into BGs by Deamond-89 Tutorial: Blending Charas into BGs :icondeamond-89:Deamond-89 1,804 90 Creating Characters, Where to Start? by CGCookie Creating Characters, Where to Start? :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 1,990 41
.:Character Concept Design Diversity:.
PERSONALITY: The absolute most important part to adding diversity to your characters is creating a deep, multifaceted personality description for them that no one else could have come up with. If you want to try and challenge yourself, avoid using tons of one word descriptors and elaborate on how that word applies instead. Show your character’s habits, tendencies, mood shifts, subjective preferences, tastes, distastes, actions, reactions, and all around sense of self. The MINIMUM for describing a decently thought out personality would be 200 words. Anything shorter than that is in danger of sounding like a mish mosh of standard traits. I challenge you to get up to 400 or even 500 words long of personality description if you want quality.
NAME: Choosing a name with a different letter to start with can be your foothold to creating a name that has a different sound than the rest of your group. Avoid making a group of characters with the same first letter or sound if not intentional.
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FMA OC Guidebook: Alchemy
FMA OC Guidebook: Alchemy
So… exactly how does alchemy work in fma?
Well.. After analyzing the hell out of almost every instance of its use I could possibly remember and then doing hours more research. (Is it normal for me to have this much of an obsession? Yeah... I don't think soo ANYHOO…) I finally am ready to put together my guidebook result of what I have learned. This is still a work in progress so bear with me (g-d help me make this good)
How Alchemy Works
Ok, the first thing to understand is that alchemy is a science; this is what differentiates it from magic. This is why it's so much of a skill to learn.
What is actually happening when you preform alchemy?
Alchemic acts as stated by the series are consistent of three stages; Analysis, deconstruction, and reconstruction. Let's go over each of these
This is probably the most unclear one of the three. Beyond just the basic knowledge of what it is
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Kinetic OC Commission by phil-cho Kinetic OC Commission :iconphil-cho:phil-cho 171 7 UHCCT (MS Paint-Friendly Version) by ManDownstairs UHCCT (MS Paint-Friendly Version) :iconmandownstairs:ManDownstairs 554 111 Pokemon Trainer Creator by MagicalGirlYossy Pokemon Trainer Creator :iconmagicalgirlyossy:MagicalGirlYossy 3,472 989
About writing
In honor of NaNoWriMo I wanted to do at least one journal about writing this month, even though I'm no expert.
Writing is everywhere
I feel like writing is one of the most unseen and perhaps even most under appreciated forms of art these days. Writing is virtually everywhere, yet it's very much overlooked. People tend to think about writing as just the stuff you read in books, but what about blogs and journals? What about your favorite game, movie, show, or anime? What about your favorite comic? Would you even like your favorite character that much if it didn't come with that backstory that made you feel so much for it? 
Yes, that's writing. All of it.
As for my own experience; I've always been fascinated by storytelling. I could watch and read anything, as long as it had a good plot and characters I could care about. I think the true skill of a writer is to make (nearly) everything
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Mongrel's Jaded Flowcharts by mongrelmarie Mongrel's Jaded Flowcharts :iconmongrelmarie:mongrelmarie 174 276
.:Character Creation Guide:.
Creating Your Character
 Focus on personality and interests when making your character and those are the categories that should have the most information because they describe who this person is at a specific point in time, or how they develop over time.
 Try to avoid listing standard things about your character that are super predictable or could describe just about anyone. Add details that show character depth and set them apart from the other characters out there. Certain ones you may want to make more memorable than others.
 Don’t throw too many diverse things into your character. If your character is all over the place, they will easily lose their identity to the reader. Try to focus on a few main interests or skills for your character to highlight.
 Your character should seem as if they could be a real person, no matter the world. They should have a personality easily understood by the reader that allows the reader to
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Character Design Tutorial
[New section!] Over-mirroring aka sticking too much in patterns of the original series!

At first: No costume can save a badly made character. Your Average Joe/Jane character won't become any more interesting even if you make him/her to wear turquoise hair and odd-colored neon-color eyes. What makes character interesting is his/her INNER SIDE: his/her personality, history, skills, behavior pattern, odd traits, running gags, simply WHAT (S)HE IS. A rye bread doesn't become into a cream cake even if you put on it whipped cream and strawberries.
However, a good design may help the reader/viewer to notice, tell apart and remember the character more easily. That's why all Naruto characters are not sporting black hair and wearing those green tactical vests: if all character seemed almost similar, it would be pain for the reader to tell who of th
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Tips for Large Cast of Characters by betsyillustration Tips for Large Cast of Characters :iconbetsyillustration:betsyillustration 205 9
Character Creation Tutorial
Character Creation Tutorial
How to effectively develop a realistic and likable character for novels and fanfiction.
Table of Contents:
I. A Name
II. Physical Attributes
III. Style & Personality
IV. History
V. Other
VI. Questionnaire
It can be assumed that developing a plot and storyline is self explanatory. If not, you can find another tutorial for that. This tutorial will focus primarily on the thought-process of creating new characters with depth.
I. A name is the first step. Try to match the character to their name, or somehow integrate the character's name into the storyline or progression of the character's maturity and personality. For example, a character who is dark and moody would probably not be named Star unless this contradiction holds some meaning in the story. (In a comedy it would have a nice effect, but in a drama or serious story, not so much).
If you can't think of a name you can go to places like or google for assistance
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