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Nuzlocke White: The Unovan Houses (see descript) by ky-nim Nuzlocke White: The Unovan Houses (see descript) :iconky-nim:ky-nim 1,241 144 Cerea's pregnancy progression by Marrazan Cerea's pregnancy progression :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 952 54
Monster Musume Expansion Special
Miia was the first one to enter the kitchen at that particular moment. Upon doing so, she was surprised to discover that a plate of confectioneries had been left sitting on the counter. Those hadn't been there when she first left the house earlier the same day.
As the Lamia slithered in closer to inspect it, she saw that each plate not only had a specific dessert on it, but they also had a specific name attached to the plate as well. Each slip depicted a different name of the person intended to eat each sweet. For Miia, her plate had on it a plump-looking éclair bulging with cream and topped in chocolate icing. She wasted no time in getting around to eating it. Though her sense of taste might not have been comparable to a human's, she could certainly enjoy the pastry for what it was. Her long tongue happily licked away the cream that had managed to latch itself onto the corners of her lips and on her cheeks. After all of her moving about today and everything else she had to put up
:iconborin23:Borin23 263 33
The Most Corpulent Centaur
(Monster Musume/Commission)
Centorea "Cerea" Shianus had been in love with her Master, Kimihito, for as long as she could possibly remember at this point. Even though she had had to contend for his affections with multiple other women over and over, again and again, she had never considered on giving up on him. She wanted to do everything that she possibly could to obtain his love. However, it was not until a few months ago that Cerea had come to discover a very interesting fact about Kimihito. A little secret of his that, if she utilized it correctly like she intended, she would not only be able to win his heart, but possibly be able to keep it forever as well. The centaur's whole body was somewhat large and awkward simply because she took up so much space being herself; the lower horse half of her body was the main culprit to this fact. Her breasts were nearly as big as her own head, another aspect of herself that seemed to be considered too big for its own good. However, she'd n
:iconborin23:Borin23 271 55
Centorea Stuffing by Yer-Keij-fer-Cash Centorea Stuffing :iconyer-keij-fer-cash:Yer-Keij-fer-Cash 406 5 Everyday Life with Centorea by Draw-till-Death Everyday Life with Centorea :icondraw-till-death:Draw-till-Death 637 43 {CM} Tea Taur by PaunChee {CM} Tea Taur :iconpaunchee:PaunChee 177 19 Cerea by paxiti Cerea :iconpaxiti:paxiti 505 16 I Made a Centaur Everyone by UltraPancake I Made a Centaur Everyone :iconultrapancake:UltraPancake 72 19 Oktoberfest by Loen91 Oktoberfest :iconloen91:Loen91 509 11 monster musume  cerea and darling by davidlink monster musume cerea and darling :icondavidlink:davidlink 390 25 Suu x Cerea by PoroSnacks Suu x Cerea :iconporosnacks:PoroSnacks 435 18 Copy of Monmusu - Cerea SKETCH by mkonstantinov Copy of Monmusu - Cerea SKETCH :iconmkonstantinov:mkonstantinov 427 39 Monster Musume Anime is Out by UltraPancake Monster Musume Anime is Out :iconultrapancake:UltraPancake 76 13 My Monster Musume Cards by SmokeyandtheBandit My Monster Musume Cards :iconsmokeyandthebandit:SmokeyandtheBandit 99 51 Monster Musume No Iru  Nichijou Portada Cap. 8 by AlastorD03 Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou Portada Cap. 8 :iconalastord03:AlastorD03 246 14 Sketch 33 by Dali-Puff Sketch 33 :icondali-puff:Dali-Puff 98 26 Cerea - Lineart by phantom-inker Cerea - Lineart :iconphantom-inker:phantom-inker 86 21 Monster Musume Chapter 5 Cover by JohnThomasJ Monster Musume Chapter 5 Cover :iconjohnthomasj:JohnThomasJ 135 4 Character Sketches 1 by SovietMarmalade Character Sketches 1 :iconsovietmarmalade:SovietMarmalade 196 10 Monster Musume - Cerea by SovietMentality Monster Musume - Cerea :iconsovietmentality:SovietMentality 78 38 Request: Centorea by Average-Hanzo Request: Centorea :iconaverage-hanzo:Average-Hanzo 185 10 monster musume dump by SuperSpoe monster musume dump :iconsuperspoe:SuperSpoe 167 26 Monster Musume: Slumber Party by PoroSnacks Monster Musume: Slumber Party :iconporosnacks:PoroSnacks 202 23 Time for workout stretches by Fu-reiji Time for workout stretches :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 451 15 Cerea by RainbowScreen Cerea :iconrainbowscreen:RainbowScreen 499 21 Dakimakura commission_ Monster Musume - Cerea by mitgard-knight Dakimakura commission_ Monster Musume - Cerea :iconmitgard-knight:mitgard-knight 128 5
Monster Musume scribble
     “You know, I really don't see why darling was so concerned about using these non-organic foods” Miia said as she cut up her omelet. “They taste just fine to me.”
    “Indeed; Perhaps his worry was unfounded, but his concern is nevertheless appreciated~” Mero swooned, savoring the succulent flavor of the roasted salmon. “Being able to purchase such stock in bulk must also be of great relief for him. No more after-eve shopping ventures for our host, and I must admit that I dare might become used to such wonderful breakfasts!” she giggled, passing the salt to Papi.
“Speaking of (riiiip) breakfast, shouldn't Cerea be (crunch) back now? ” the jail-bait said as she tore a chunk of meat off her turkey leg with the side of her mouth, splattering caramel skin flakes upon the faces and bosoms of her two roommates. Before Miia could crush the bird's ribcage in her coils, a heaving thud against the side of th
:iconacwscommissions:ACWscommissions 40 1
Monster Musume Volumes 1-7 cover by SmokeyandtheBandit Monster Musume Volumes 1-7 cover :iconsmokeyandthebandit:SmokeyandtheBandit 148 86 Wallpaper (With Darling) by MikaBesfamilnaya Wallpaper (With Darling) :iconmikabesfamilnaya:MikaBesfamilnaya 38 8 Monster Musume Girls by TheRealSneakers Monster Musume Girls :icontherealsneakers:TheRealSneakers 89 60 Halloween Monmusu Project Wallpaper by MinekoLucky Halloween Monmusu Project Wallpaper :iconminekolucky:MinekoLucky 82 11 Cerea - Monster Musume by Savamther Cerea - Monster Musume :iconsavamther:Savamther 92 20 Centorea Shianus by weirdsketch Centorea Shianus :iconweirdsketch:weirdsketch 97 5 monster musume dump [Colored] by darksonic19 monster musume dump [Colored] :icondarksonic19:darksonic19 103 2 Monster Musume Perlers Beads Figures 2 by Kirbmaster Monster Musume Perlers Beads Figures 2 :iconkirbmaster:Kirbmaster 35 2 Centorea surprise attack by Fu-reiji Centorea surprise attack :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 326 48 jan ~ may twitter by FuPoo jan ~ may twitter :iconfupoo:FuPoo 87 0 {CM} Mare-age Day by PaunChee {CM} Mare-age Day :iconpaunchee:PaunChee 111 10 Tease At The Park by LeinadWorks Tease At The Park :iconleinadworks:LeinadWorks 105 25 Monster Musume OP by Loen91 Monster Musume OP :iconloen91:Loen91 111 2 Chapter 5 page 023(color) by SmokeyandtheBandit Chapter 5 page 023(color) :iconsmokeyandthebandit:SmokeyandtheBandit 188 89 Centorea (Cerea) by WubcakeVA Centorea (Cerea) :iconwubcakeva:WubcakeVA 126 74 jul twitter by FuPoo jul twitter :iconfupoo:FuPoo 111 4 Monster Musume Perlers Beads Figures by Kirbmaster Monster Musume Perlers Beads Figures :iconkirbmaster:Kirbmaster 25 5 Centorea the Centaur #2 [Monster Musume] by SkyArctic Centorea the Centaur #2 [Monster Musume] :iconskyarctic:SkyArctic 60 0 Centorea [Chibi Collection] by Rayhak Centorea [Chibi Collection] :iconrayhak:Rayhak 86 6 /d/ Request Extravaganza! #17 by ThunderAfterDark /d/ Request Extravaganza! #17 :iconthunderafterdark:ThunderAfterDark 25 9 A Serious Centaur! by UltraPancake A Serious Centaur! :iconultrapancake:UltraPancake 21 12