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Flaky Gene Meme by falingard Flaky Gene Meme :iconfalingard:falingard 242 350 Conjoined Twin MH Draculauras by mourningwake-press Conjoined Twin MH Draculauras :iconmourningwake-press:mourningwake-press 296 31 carnie by shel-yang carnie :iconshel-yang:shel-yang 396 37 Mr. Splendor by Carnie-Vorex Mr. Splendor :iconcarnie-vorex:Carnie-Vorex 353 47 Trendy by Carnie-Vorex Trendy :iconcarnie-vorex:Carnie-Vorex 114 18 Splendy ruined his suit... again. by Carnie-Vorex Splendy ruined his suit... again. :iconcarnie-vorex:Carnie-Vorex 179 18 Don't Patronize Me by Sh3ikha Don't Patronize Me :iconsh3ikha:Sh3ikha 170 15 Critical Role: Your Fate in the Cards by CaptainKato Critical Role: Your Fate in the Cards :iconcaptainkato:CaptainKato 83 7 Snivy by Carnie-Vorex Snivy :iconcarnie-vorex:Carnie-Vorex 132 28 A wild Kadabra appeared! by Carnie-Vorex A wild Kadabra appeared! :iconcarnie-vorex:Carnie-Vorex 65 20
Trender Man
My brothers laugh at me and call me Trender. So what? They falsely believe that my greatest interest is fashion; in fact it is human social behavior that arouses my curiosity. Following trends is just the easiest way to be accepted in human society.
A major issue is my poor eyesight in daylight, when the objects of my observation are most active. I'm not particularly concerned about how I can see with no apparent visual organs, but humans consider these organs the key part of one's face. To conceal the lack of them I wear mirror glasses. That, and because people with poor eyesight tend to wear this stylish accessory.
I hardly consume food at all, for it makes my body grow, and I don't want it to outgrow the regular size of men’s wear. Even though I'm perfectly able to adjust my proportions a little so that a piece of clothing I particularly like would fit just right, I prefer to do it the human way: by sewing. Any misuse of supernatural powers makes my gadgets glitch. I refrain f
:iconcarnie-vorex:Carnie-Vorex 55 14
Kadabra Study by Carnie-Vorex Kadabra Study :iconcarnie-vorex:Carnie-Vorex 62 17 Embarrassing by Carnie-Vorex Embarrassing :iconcarnie-vorex:Carnie-Vorex 114 33 |.:POP: Circus of the Bizarre!:.| by MUZZKI |.:POP: Circus of the Bizarre!:.| :iconmuzzki:MUZZKI 128 107 ::::::eyes:::::: by Carnei ::::::eyes:::::: :iconcarnei:Carnei 43 5 Arkham Sideshow- first concept by Frankenfrau Arkham Sideshow- first concept :iconfrankenfrau:Frankenfrau 36 16 The Greatest Show Unearthed by janiceghosthunter The Greatest Show Unearthed :iconjaniceghosthunter:janiceghosthunter 133 96 Can you feel. . .BdayGift by grimzzi Can you feel. . .BdayGift :icongrimzzi:grimzzi 502 51 Double Your Fun (MH Draculaura twins) by mourningwake-press Double Your Fun (MH Draculaura twins) :iconmourningwake-press:mourningwake-press 71 21 Smokers by Carnie-Vorex Smokers :iconcarnie-vorex:Carnie-Vorex 200 57 Zombie Carnie by UmbrellaSpecter Zombie Carnie :iconumbrellaspecter:UmbrellaSpecter 79 11 Wayward Askance by melukilan Wayward Askance :iconmelukilan:melukilan 76 21 Carnie Rat by Ratofblades Carnie Rat :iconratofblades:Ratofblades 113 29