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Gabriel x Reader x Lucifer 'caramel'
'I'm going to die,' you mumbled to yourself and lazily looked around. You threw your legs up on the coffee table, and leaned back into the couch cushions. It was your day off, and you were sitting on the couch rotting.
Not literally though, you were just simply bored. 
Minutes rolled by, though, they felt like hours. You finally decided to get off your lazy bum, and do something with your life. 
"Gabe! I'm bored!" You called out as you appeared in Gabriel's kitchen. Sweets were piled up on the counters and tables, skittles littered the floor. Your jaw dropped when your eyes met his.
He was sitting in his armchair, hair ruffled, and a very provocative dressed woman pouring whipped cream in his mouth. You watched as chocolate syrup dripped down his bare chest. You were suddenly very interested with the skittled floor. Your cheeks flushed red, "u-umm," you stuttered, but your couldn't form any words.   
Gabriel quickly snapped, and everything was gone. "You can look no
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