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Creepypasta- Little Red Rabbit
I'm what you might call a Pokemon fanatic. I have what must be a million cards (no doubles), many figurines and plushies and I own or have owned all of the games at some point or another. I've owned and trained every Pokemon available, even the event exclusive ones thanks to a lot of bribing. Well, all except two. One very, very simple Pokemon that isn't uncommon in Eterna forest, and its evolution.
Buneary and Loppuny.
Those two Pokemon are my favourites ever, but whenever I encounter Buneary it either faints, knocks out all my Pokemon or I run out of Pokeballs. The darn thing hates my guts, and I have no idea why. And of course, the only way to get Loppuny is evolving Buneary. And before you ask, I never trade for a Pokemon if it is available in game - That seems like cheating to me. Plus, I'll get more satisfaction from catching it myself the natural way.
It had been ages since my last try at catching one, so I thought I'd have another shot at it. I took my DS and copy of Pearl, gra
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Pokemon: Dawn vore 2
Dawn's Binge of Hearthome City.
It was the start of a new year and Dawn with her six Pokemon, Piplup, Pachirisu, Buneary,
Mamoswine, Quilava, and Togekiss were together in Hearthome City for another Contest. Dawn
however didn't really do Pokemon Contest that much anymore these days. She would always eat
the people in the contest building and would simply take the ribbon from the people she
swallowed so getting ribbons were no longer hard unless the meals she ate didn't agree with
her. Dawn's stomach ran the show now whether it was full and bloated or small, thin and
empty. Dawn having on her pink girly contest dress was quite common now even when she was
not in a Pokemon Contest because when she had on this evil pink dress her urge to swallow
people went up. Today at Hearthome City, Dawn was planning a major vore take over. The last
time she was here she failed miserably at the appeal rounds and was embarrassed here, but
now she was back not for the Contest itself, but for the meal. Ov
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