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Vampires 101
Vampires 101 (according to me)
What are Vampires?
Vampires are ancient immortal creatures that date back to the Greeks. Back then they were considered godly beings who were worshiped, but over time they were cast away and treated like demons. Essentially, that is what a Vampire is at the core: a demon. After surviving thousands of years, their existence was forgotten, and man dismissed the Vampire fantasy as a myth, they are misinterpreted by Today, Hollywood portrays them as a classic vicious monstrous demons with no soul, which is partially true. While they do retain their souls, Vampires are extremely deadly if they choose to be, but most live fairly normal lives within society. Some, however, have been known to behave as most would believe; like a monster.
Vampires are technically dead. They have no heartbeat, their skin is cold to the touch and none of their bodily organs work, except for their digestive system and their brain. Their lungs
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